JE:DI Council

The goal of this group is to provide guidance, advice and accountability. To survey everything we do at AIA Seattle through the lens of our JEDI goals.

AIA Seattle is committed to identifying, naming, and dismantling systemic discrimination within the architecture community in order to nurture universal inclusion and fairness in the built environment, for the communities we impact, both locally and nationally.

The JE:DI Council is a resource to the board, staff and committee leaders of AIA Seattle in the planning and execution of programs and services for AIA members and the public, as related to the topics of justice, diversity, inclusion and equity.

Goals and Areas of Action

  1. Access to the Profession
  2. Relationship Building
  3. Continuing Education Training
  4. Advocacy
  5. AIA Seattle – The Organization

Architects choose this profession out of a passion to make our communities better. Never has that urge been more important. We can and must act to make a difference — through our commitment to anti-racism, our design work, our intercultural understanding, our community leadership, and our workplace practices. We must begin by listening to the diverse communities we serve.

We accept the hard work ahead and take it on with humility. Please help us. Add to our learning and our dialogue with your thoughts and ideas. Speak up where you believe we should be better.

JE:DI Council members are appointed by the Council Chairs; the group is comprised of 7-8 AIA members in good standing that represent the diversity of membership. Please contact the Council Chairs to be considered.

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2023 in Review:
Read a full report of JE:DI Council’s 2023 priorities and accomplishments HERE.

2022 in Review:

  • Developed and presented JE:DI Won’t Save You- But Action Will at NOMA Unplugged Conference.
  • Supported internal policy development regarding accessibility, dues, and pricing.
  • Prioritized listening sessions, both with external and internal stakeholders. 

2021 in Review: This past year encouraged each of us to find new ways to grow, adapt, and challenge the world around us. In 2021, the JE:DI Council worked in support of the Chapter’s ongoing EDI work, naming and confronting systemic discrimination within the AEC professions.

  • Delivered Statement of Support RE: Elise F. Woodward’s letter to the National Ethics Council, dated October 9, 2020, to expand NEC Rules 1.403 and 1.404 to specifically address the obligation of the architecture profession to uphold standards of human rights, safety, health and welfare in the context of the United States justice system.
    We oppose the use and design of facilities that authorize the use of capital punishment thereby recognizing that the design and construction directly and indirectly contributes to the desolation of black and brown families mentally, socially, and economically. These spaces represent the physical manifestation of systemic racism. There cannot be true environmental justice without racial justice.
  • Delivered Statement of Support RE: BSA Ethics Committee proposed updates/revisions to the Code of Ethics.  
  • Revised policy language directing AIA Seattle Board and Staff equity and diversity work to take a more holistic view. 
  • Member Committee co-chairs convened, with support of JE:DI Council, to evaluate and explore 2022 EDI efforts outlined in annual plans

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Policy Resources/How-tos


2022-2023 JE:DI COUNCIL

Committee Chair(s):

  • Michele Hill AIA (co-chair) | AIA Seattle President
  • Matthew Hagen AIA (co-chair) | Workshop 315
  • Anna Leach AIA | Amazon
  • Rania Qawasma | Koz Development, Daarna
  • Susan Frieson AIA | Weber Thompson
  • Rio Namiki AIA | Miller Hull Partnership
  • Sarah Burk AIA | Johnston Architects
  • Contact the Committee Chair(s):

    Updates from JEDI

    Request for Proposals – Accessibility Evaluation Tool

    In alignment with our JE:DI Imperative, AIA Seattle recognizes the need for a comprehensive Accessibility Evaluation Tool. This tool will aim to help AIA Seattle staff develop and deliver accessible and inclusive programs, encompassing both in-person and virtual events. Additionally,

    Updates from the Justice & Equity for Diversity & Inclusion Council

    Who serves on the AIA Seattle JE:DI Council? Michele Hill AIA (co-chair) | AIA Seattle President Matthew Hagen AIA (co-chair) | Workshop 315 Whitney Lewis Assoc. AIA (emeritus chair) | GGLO Anna Leach AIA | Amazon Rania Qawasma | Koz

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