AIA Seattle's Strategic Plan

AIA Seattle believes our world needs the visionary and integrative thinking of architects and designers, and that design solutions can positively impact our communities.

That is why we champion the central role of architects in creating and sustaining a better built environment. Guided by our values of excellence, advocacy, integrity, equity, stewardship, and collaboration, we prepare our profession to lead, and we deploy design to make a difference, so that we are all able to do our best work in a culture of design the fosters equitable, resilient, thriving communities.

Our new strategic plan is built directly on the hopes and needs of our members, collected through feedback at the beginning of the planning process.  The AIA Seattle Board of Directors worked with Crux Consulting to insure that members were engaged through an extensive stakeholder discovery process.  Input was collected through more than 100 individual interviews, focus group conversations and firm visits, as well as targeted surveys to current and former leaders and key member groups.  Input was sought from the chairs of AIA Seattle’s two dozen member committees.  Targeted outreach focused on groups with specific needs from the organization: small firms, large firms, emerging professionals, remote members living outside King County, and “silent” members with low participation levels.  We engaged current and former sponsors and allied members through focus groups and surveys.  Finally, our strategic planning consultants conducted confidential interviews with other large chapters across the country to identify where our chapter is leading and where we can improve.

Our Mission:

We champion the central role of architects in creating and sustaining a better built environment.

Our Vision:

We envision a culture of design that fosters equitable, resilient, and thriving communities.

Our Values:

Demonstrate and promote design excellence.

Represent our collective design voice, while valuing individual contributions.

Speak up on important issues, convene courageous conversations and embrace risk when it serves our mission.

Advocate for opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in practice and process.

Consider future generations and elevate sustainability to safeguard our Northwest landscape, community and climate.

Foster cross-industry connections and partnerships to magnify our collective impact.

Our Imperatives:

AIA Seattle commits time and resources to align our work to achieve change in three primary categories:

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: AIA Seattle is committed to identifying, naming and dismantling systemic discrimination within the architecture community in order to nurture universal inclusion and fairness in the built environment, for the communities we impact.

Housing: AIA Seattle is committed to the development of plentiful, quality, diverse, and sustainable housing options for current and future residents of Seattle.

Climate: AIA Seattle commits itself to positive climate action and accelerating our shared goals of a decarbonized, equitable and resilient built environment that allows future generations and ecosystems to thrive.

Seattle Design Festival

Seattle Design Festival

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