• Programs Coordinator

    Andrea Aguilera

    Programs Coordinator 206-957-1909 (she/her) Awards & Program Registration + CE's Festival Coordination
  • Senior Programs Manager

    Annalee Shum

    Senior Programs Manager 206-957-1915 (she/her) Seattle Design Festival partnerships + production, Major Education Forums, & Continuing Education Partnerships
  • Membership & Development Coordinator

    Anthony Collins

    Membership & Development Coordinator 206-957-1911 (he/him) Membership Dues, Job board Find An Architect
  • Senior Communications Manager

    Bray Hayden

    Senior Communications Manager 206-957-1916 (she/her) PR + Media, Branding + Visual Identity, Websites, Co-promotions + Partnerships
  • Member Engagement Manager

    Connor Descheemaker

    Member Engagement Manager 206-957-1914 (he/they) Committee + Member Engagement, Allied Members + Member Firm benefits
  • Communication Coordinator

    David Le

    Communication Coordinator 206-957-1918 (he/him) Social Media, Enews
  • Manager of Policy and Advocacy

    Kirsten Smith

    Manager of Policy and Advocacy 206-957-1926 (she/her) Local + State Advocacy, Public Policy
  • Associate Director, Growth & Operations

    Kristen Lound

    Associate Director, Growth & Operations 206-957-1913 (he/him) AIA Seattle Sponsorships (CAP), Advertising on AIA Seattle Website + Enews
  • Senior Program Coordinator

    Megan Harmon

    Senior Program Coordinator 206-957-1908 (she/they) Public & Festival Programming, Exhibits, Contract Documents & Center Support
  • Executive Director

    Melissa Neher

    Executive Director 206-957-1910 National, regional + local partnerships, AIA Seattle + Seattle Design Festival Board of Directors, General Feedback
  • Programs Manager

    Zoe Guckenheimer

    Programs Manager 206-957-1912 (she/her) Major Education Forums, Honor Awards, Continuing Education Partnerships

About Us

We are a small office of 11 highly collaborative team members that supports flexibility, creativity, and leadership. We are here because we all believe in what we’re doing and are excited by the prospect of helping our members make a difference in our city.  All of us are involved in strategic planning and thinking about the future of the organization, and we value new ideas and perspectives that improve our work.

We actively seek applicants with a range of backgrounds, viewpoints and work styles. One of our organizational goals is to support industry-wide culture change, so that architecture and the allied professions actively attract and retain more people of color, women, and non-binary people. Through all our programs and processes, we are working to value and promote diversity. Our entire team has received training using the Intercultural Development Inventory, and we have gone through the JUST-certification process. We provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals.

Compensation and Benefits

AIA Seattle is committed to progressive and equitable compensation standards, including full-time employment as the primary basis of our workforce, and pay scale equity.  We completed our JUST certification in 2019, and commissioned a bi-annual compensation study to benchmark against other area non-profits.  We provide generous benefits, including fully paid health and disability insurance, 401k match of 4%, bonuses, professional development opportunities, and generous public holidays including the week between Christmas and New Year off.  We respect work-life balance, and allow flexible work schedules and work from home as appropriate to the position.  Most of us work from home on Mondays, when our office is closed to the public.



Seattle Design Festival

Kalidespace by CallisonRTKL and Bayley Construction at SDF 2021

Seattle Design Festival

Seattle Design Festival connected designers, community members and civic leaders to explore the ways design improves our city and our lives - August 21-22, 2021. Read more