This full-day continuing education forum will address some of the most pressing disruptors and design opportunities facing schools today. How are PreK-12 environments changing to meet the needs of students, families, educators, and communities? What do these changes in education and society mean for the design of learning environments? Join us to explore the relationships between design, learning, and social change.  Featuring keynote speaker Carla Silver of Leadership+Design.

As a financial management tool, intuition has its limitations. While most small firm owners have a good sense of what’s happening at their firms, operational indicators such as cash flow shortages or mounting receivables don’t tell the whole story. Strategic decisions including hiring and moving to a larger office require understanding of financial trends on both a macro and micro level. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn how to tell if their firm is being profitable, how to determine billing rates, and to use financial scenario planning tools.

Register now for the fourth session in the Got Codes? series, Know What You Don’t Know: Residential Codes and Permit Process Hurdles. This session will address common issues for residential projects: Land Use, Building Code and Energy Code. And specifically address current design issues for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)/Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADU), home business/office, Substantial Alterations, Existing Non-conforming Conditions and site access and environmentally critical areas (ECA).

Join us for this exclusive Member Access event where Michael Rydinski and Carrie Simmons from Decorative Metal Arts (DMA) will demonstrate and explain the technical aspects of steel and lead participants through a hands-on metal demonstration. Suitability of various metal finishes and their specification will be discussed; the types of corner joints for sheet metal / plate and their cost implications; appearance of weld types and their specification; as well as material sizing considerations when designing.

Also join other committees at their upcoming events:

PPB’s Owner Occupancy Member Forum | September 27

Solo Practitioners Roundtable (SPRouT) | October 4

SIAF’s Practice Abroad: Successes and Challenges of Working on Projects Abroad  | October 10

and YAF & WiD’s Happy Hour | October 11

The Seattle Design Festival features citywide tours, exhibits, outdoor installations, activities, interactive workshops and more from September 6-21. Our 2018 theme, TRUST, examines the role of design thinking in bringing together and building TRUST among diverse communities. The Seattle Design Festival is a program of Design in Public, a strategic initiative of AIA Seattle, founded in 2011 to celebrate and explore the role and impact of design on urban life in Seattle.

In this issue of our monthly Advocacy Update:AIA takes a stand on asbestos and launches initiative to combat school violence through design, AIA Members weigh in on state building code, tax legislation, and Seattle’s Incentive Zoning Program, SDCI responds to complaints against the Accela permitting portal, we highlight upcoming Policy Events at the 2018 Seattle Design Festival, and more!

Thank you to our members, volunteers, and sponsors for demonstrating the critical relevance of architecture and design in 2017. Our activities flourished as our members played an active role in conversations that are shaping our region: advocacy was a major focus for the year; programming and public interest in the Center for Architecture & Design continued to grow; robust peer-to-peer professional programming continues to be strong, and our committees elevated the conversations around urban issues. Read more in our AIA Seattle 2017 Annual Report.



Design in Public

Installation Power of Consequence by Signal Architecture + Research & Equinox Studios COG at the 2017 Seattle Design Festival Block Party

Seattle Design Festival 2018: TRUST

The 2018 Seattle Design Festival will be September 6-21. Read more