Asian American Designers Union

Asian American Designers Union (AADU) establishes a support system that connects, empowers, and advocates for Asian American designers and architects through collaboration, networking, education, and leadership development opportunities.


The Asian American Design Union meets, via Zoom, the first Monday of every month at 12:00pm. To receive upcoming meeting and event details, subscribe to our email list below. AIA Seattle members, allied members and sponsors are encouraged to join as well as other professionals in the design community.


Looking towards 2021 and beyond, the society aims to address challenges within social justice and political division. Our industry is, by its nature, a platform that can reflect the benefits of positive change and eager for a change. To help with reshaping our community, our committee goals are:

  1. Promoting diversity and equality within our industry through advocating for career advancement of Asian American designers.
  2. Building an accessible (and virtual) platform for Asian American designers to share experiences.
  3. Connecting with design professionals from different industries and countries to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to design and cross-cultural exchange of knowledge.


  • Advocating for Asian American voices. The Asian American community in Seattle is one of the fastest-growing populations. As professionals within this community, we strive to have our presence reflected in the industry and contribute to social justice in the greater Seattle area.
  • Promoting the influence of Asian cultures. We create a platform to showcase how our cultural backgrounds influence creativity and our approach to architectural practice. We bring awareness to the diverse cultural experiences among designers of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.
  • We work to make international connections between professionals both here and abroad. More American firms seek to promote themselves to international audiences, allowing us to foster interactions with talents across different countries.

Committee Chair(s):

  • Yue Chen AIA
  • Kailin Wang Assoc. AIA
  • Rei Schultz AIA
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