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AIA Seattle offers over 50 continuing education opportunities annually.

Learn more about Continuing Education requirements for licensed architects, as well as maintaining your transcript, and online education options.

This page details AIA Seattle’s major half-day, full-day, and series continuing education programs. Additionally, member committees present programs and host events on a variety of topics throughout the year.


Visual Program Calendar – Overview of 2022 Programming
Stay tuned for additional details on these programs! Details provided approximately 6-8 weeks before program dates.

Code Series: Road to Code | February 17, April 19-20, September 21-22, November 15-16 | Registration Open!
Join us in 2022 for a five-part series presented by AIA Seattle’s Code Committee and experts covering topics including door hardware, beyond the IBC, 2017 ANSI – significant changes to the accessibility code/solid waste requirements & code overlap, elevators, code education for the layman, lab buildings and battery storage, and code flexibility.

Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Training | March 23-24 
Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Training Program (SAP) provides architects, engineers, building officials, and inspectors with the knowledge to provide evaluation of buildings and larger infrastructure in the aftermath of a disastrous event. This two-day virtual program will train architects to be first-responders to help folks transition to safely reoccupying, clearing, or demolishing buildings after a major event.

Climate Leadership Summit | April 25-26 
In the urgent call to respond to our climate crisis, we must recognize that decarbonization is directly connected to health, safety, and equity. AEC professionals are working on design and policy changes to rapidly eliminate carbon emissions from our built environment. But what barriers prevent us from taking leaps towards rapid decarbonization, despite this necessity? What responsibilities do architects have as advocates? And how do we ensure our processes support equitable and resilient communities? Through exploring 1) the health impacts of material sourcing; 2) strategies for reducing embodied carbon; and 3) regulatory frameworks and cost implications, this year’s thought leadership summit, Practicing Equity and Advocacy in Rapid Decarbonization, will take a systems-approach to diminish implementation challenges and make actionable differences in policy and practice.

Justice & Equity Series | May 23, August 29, October 3, December 5
Culture Change in Practice: A Leadership Cohort is a multi-session firm leadership training returning this year that continues the work of our Racial Justice Working Group and AIA Seattle’s Justice and Equity for Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. With the goal of culture change in the profession – specifically to dislodge and undo deeply embedded and systemic White-dominant culture norms – this series of trainings will offer firm leaders a framework for critical dialogue, self-assessment, action, and ongoing accountability in building a more equitable profession and built environment. This series is produced in equal partnership with NOMA NW and Planning in Color, in support of NOMA NW’s Call to Action.

AHC Spring/Fall Conferences | May 6 & November
For over 40 years, the Architecture for Health Committee (AHC) has provided vital networking and education programming for a regional audience spanning Washington and Oregon, dedicated to healthcare design, systems, and strategies. These programs are shaped by an inter-disciplinary team jointly based in Portland and Seattle, drawing a dedicated, congenial audience of highly engaged professionals. Each program features a keynote speaker, regional project presentations and/or tours, and an array of panel discussions and lightning talks, the latter focused on drawing emerging professionals. The sessions represent a comprehensive look at the innovations, codes, and adaptations of the region’s healthcare systems, and their interactions with our
broader built environment.

Housing Design Forum | June 13 
Across changing circumstances, residential design and practice is ever-evolving. What are the precedents shaping design decisions today? And what practices today might present new and innovative possibilities for the future? This year’s Housing Design Forum: Precedents & Possibilities Transforming Residential Practice seeks to explore the inspiring work in this region spanning the past, present, and future of residential practice and transforming the way we design. Addressing the constraints and opportunities of designing in the Pacific Northwest, sessions will explore: designing for people and place; innovative modes of practice and collaboration; sustainable and equitable decision-making; and new materials and technologies.

Small Firm Series | July 6, September 7, December 7 
The Small Firm Series, delivered as three individual half-day programs, is tailored to the needs and interests of small firm practitioners. Each session will be facilitated by industry experts consulting on topics at varying scales of building and maintaining equitable and sustainable practice and processes.


Precedents & Possibilities Transforming Residential Practice (2022 Housing Design Forum)
Earn up to 7.25 LU (HSW) Save over 20% when you purchase the 6-part series

Filmed in-person at the 2022 Housing Design Forum, Precedents & Possibilities Transforming Residential Practice, has been translated into online video courses available through aecKnowledge for up to 7.25 LU/HSW! This 6-part program highlights some of the most innovative and inspiring work in this region spanning the past, present, and future of residential practice. Explore transformations in residential design on projects ranging from youth-led builds, to DADUs, to larger scale housing on the cliffs of Norway.

Practicing Equity & Advocacy in Rapid Decarbonization (2022 Climate Summit)
Earn up to 7.5 LU (HSW) Save over 20% when you purchase the 4-part series

AIA Seattle’s 2022 (Virtual) Climate Summit, Practicing Equity & Advocacy in Rapid Decarbonization, has been translated into an online video course series now available through aecKnowledge for up to 7.5 LU/HSW! This 4-part program examines how to remove barriers in expediting decarbonization while supporting equitable, resilient, and healthy communities. Dive in and discover expansive opportunities to make actionable differences in policy and practice.

Just Transition: Upstream and Downstream Impacts of Decarbonization (2021 Climate Summit)
Earn up to 7 LU (HSW) Save 20% when you purchase the 4-part series

Adapted from the virtual May 17-19 2021 Climate Summit, Just Transition: Upstream and Downstream Impacts of Decarbonization is now available online through aecKnowledge for up to 7 LU/HSW credits. This 4-part series delves into the upstream and downstream impacts of decarbonization and explores how building design with a strong focus on equity and social justice can vastly improve our health, economy, and communities. Learn about the impacts and opportunities that “just” transitions to clean energy sources, materials, and processes have on our most vulnerable communities as we aggressively push towards our climate action goals.

Virtual Collaborative Spaces with Sheryl Cababa

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, AIA Seattle hosted a live webinar on how to best keep your team creative and collaborative in a time of exclusively-virtual work, using some common web-sharing tools. These offerings can translate to community engagement, team design ideation, or any other form of collaborative design. The presenter, Sheryl Cababa, is VP of Strategy at Substantial, a Seattle-based digital design and development studio.

Digital Firm Management Solutions with Carlos Obando

Offered with the support of Allied members Mercer Island Telecom, founder Carlos Obando presents solutions for intra-office management, IT support, and client communication. He covers technical options, including Google Suite products, Zoom, and RingCentral, as well as how to use the respective software, their individual capabilities, and how to integrate into architecture practice.

COTE Earth Day Sustainability Slam

COTE’s annual series of short presentations focused on sustainable design.

Density Done Right (2019 Housing Design Forum)
Earn up to 7.25 LU (HSW) Save when you purchase the 7-part series

Filmed live on May 20 at the 2019 Housing Design Forum, Density Done Right is now available in 7 individual sessions online through aecKnowledge for up to 7.25 continuing education HSW credits. This series of case studies and lightning talks offers innovative strategies for achieving higher housing density, creating more housing options that support vibrant communities, and promoting equity, sustainability and livability in rapidly changing neighborhoods. Learn from architects, planners and developers on the forefront of density done right.

Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: The Future of Residential Design
Earn up to 5.75 LU (HSW) Save 20% when you purchase the 5-part series.

Filmed live at AIA Seattle’s 2018 Housing Design Forum, Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: The Future of Residential Design is available online through aecKnowledge. This series features 10 captivating speakers and combines keynote presentations, case studies, research and provocative dialogue. Find out how today’s most inspired architects and thinkers employ innovative performance strategies, explore materials, and engage with questions about the future of housing design. Featuring keynote speaker Stephen Kieran, FAIA, LEED Fellow (KieranTimberlake).


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