College of Fellows

The AIA College of Fellows, founded in 1952, is composed of members of the Institute who are elected to Fellowship by a jury of their peers.

Fellowship is one of the highest honors the AIA can bestow upon a member. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual but also elevates before the public and the profession those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society. Out of a total AIA membership of over 88,000, there are just over 3,200 distinguished with the honor of Fellowship and Honorary Fellowship.

The elevation to Fellowship is conferred on architects with at least 10 years of membership in the AIA in one or more of the following nomination categories:

  • Promoted the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession
  • Advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice
  • Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA and other related professional organizations
  • Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment
  • Made the profession of ever-increasing service to society

For more information visit AIA National Honors and Awards: Fellowship

Click here to learn more about how AIA Seattle supports members in their pursuit of Fellowship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the AIA Seattle Fellows and Honors Committee?
The Fellows and Honors Committee works to ensure that outstanding members from our chapter are recognized for their architectural leadership through local, state, regional and national awards. The Committee nominates individuals for several local chapter awards each year, and oversees the chapter’s annual honors dinner. The Committee also nominates eligible individuals to apply for membership in the AIA College of Fellows, and may at times nominate individuals and firms for other state, regional and national honors. The Committee is not obligated to nominate individuals for all awards in any given year. The Committee makes nominations to the AIA Seattle Board of Directors, which must approve those nominations.

Who are the Committee members?
Committee members are all Fellows of the Institute, and are appointed by the President of the AIA Seattle Board of Directors based on their interest, knowledge of our design community, and willingness to commit the time and resources necessary to fulfill the associated responsibilities. The Committee consists of no less than 4 and no more than 8 individuals, and appointments are made annually.

Does the committee make nominations for all AIA individual honors, or only local ones?
The committee wants outstanding AIA Seattle members to be recognized at all levels of the AIA. While the committee is obligated to make nominations for our chapter’s annual local awards, they may also choose to nominate individuals that they think have shown exemplary leadership worthy of recognition at other levels of the AIA.

How does the Committee identify nominees?
Nominees are chosen by the Committee based on their excellence related to each award category (in the case of local awards) and the committee’s assessment of their competitiveness and chances of success (in the case of state, regional and local awards). Each year in January the Committee solicits award nominations from our members, our board, and the Committee members themselves. All suggestions are included in a shortlist which the Committee reviews to select final nominees. In the case of the College of Fellows, the Committee reviews a list of all AIA Seattle members that are eligible for Fellowship based on their tenure as AIA members.

How many individuals can the Committee nominate each year?
The Committee generally only nominates one individual for each local award. Multiple individuals may be nominated for the College of Fellows. Those nominations are in perpetuity, so that candidates once nominated may submit in any year they choose and for any number of years until they are successful. In the case of higher level awards (the Regional Medal of Honor, Firm of the Year, etc), the committee will support AT MOST one candidate at a time. Nominees who are not successful in their application for a national award in their first year will continue to enjoy the Committee’s support for an additional 2 years, during which time the Committee will not make any additional nominations for that award.

Does an AIA Seattle member need a chapter nomination from the Committee in order to be eligible for a national or regional award?
In most cases, no. For most awards, including the College of Fellows, chapter nomination is one of several ways nominations can be made. However, nominations that are not submitted through the Honors Committee solicitation process are not eligible for a letter of nomination or support from the chapter.

What is the Committee’s process for assisting nominees in preparing their submittals for state, regional or national awards?
AIA Seattle has a long and successful history of identifying and nurturing potential candidates for awards. This has been possible thanks to a dedicated and hardworking Fellows Nominating Committee who provides coaching sessions and submittal reviews to nominees.

Can a Committee member be my sponsor for a College of Fellows submittal?
No. Our committee’s policy disallows sponsorship by committee members. Committee members are, however, allowed to write reference letters for College of Fellows and other awards submittals.

Can the Committee nominate AIA members from other chapters?
Generally, no. However, the Committee is happy to extend its process of coaching to candidates from Washington state whose chapters do not have a similar support process in place.


AIA Seattle College of Fellows Recipients


Abraham Horace Albertson FAIA, 1934
N. Sue Alden FAIA, 1991
Charles H. Alden FAIA, 1913
Dorm Anderson FAIA, 1992
Kjell Anderson FAIA, 2022
Alfred Aydelott FAIA, 1964
Brodie Bain FAIA, 2015
Lesley Bain FAIA, 2013
William James Bain Sr. FAIA, 1947
William J. Bain, Jr. FAIA, 1976
Ruth Baleiko FAIA, 2019
Rebecca Barnes FAIA, 2000
George R. Bartholick FAIA, 1995
Fred Bassetti FAIA, 1967
Chas. Bebb FAIA, 1919
Bruce E. Blackmer FAIA, 2003
Paul Blanton FAIA, 1980
Ann Marie Borys FAIA, 2024
Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA, 1976
J. Donald Bowman FAIA, 1989
Karen Braitmayer FAIA, 2004
Leon Bridges FAIA, 1986
Jim Brinkley FAIA, 2008
Kenneth W. Brooks FAIA, 1967
Jennie Sue Brown FAIA, 1994
Rick Buckley FAIA, 2005
G. W. Bullard FAIA, 1889
Albert O. Bumgardner FAIA, 1971
Edward Burke FAIA, 1992
Donald Burr FAIA, 1973
Arne Bystrom FAIA, 1985
Ray Calabro FAIA, 2014
Mario Campos FAIA, 2013
Donald E. Carlson FAIA, 1994
Steven Cecil FAIA, 2021
Ross Chapin FAIA, 2012
Robert Chervenak FAIA, 1976
James Joseph Chiarelli FAIA, 1965
David Coleman FAIA, 2011
Samuel A. Cook FAIA, 1988
Lee G. Copeland FAIA, 1979
Brian Court FAIA, 2021
James Cowan FAIA, 1977
Craig Curtis FAIA, 2008
James L. Cutler FAIA, 1994
Kirtland Cutter FAIA, 1921
Richard Dallam FAIA, 2009
Kate Diamond FAIA, 1996
Robert Dietz FAIA, 1965
Janet Donelson FAIA, 1998
Robert L. Durham FAIA, 1959
Robert A. Eckert FAIA, 1984
Jerome R. Ernst FAIA, 1991
Chris Eseman FAIA, 2020


Jerry V. Finrow FAIA, 1997
Richard Franko FAIA, 2017
Aaron Freed FAIA, 1977
Daniel S. Friedman FAIA, 2001
R. David Frum FAIA, 2018
Tony Gale FAIA, 2003
Bill Gaylord FAIA, 2013
Carolyn D. Geise FAIA, 1989
Wilmot G. Gilland FAIA, 1992
Jan K. Gleason FAIA, 2006
David Goldberg FAIA, 2020
Carl F. Gould FAIA, 1934
George Gove FAIA, 1950
Clyde Grainger FAIA, 1957
Bert Gregory FAIA, 2007
Jim Hanford FAIA, 2024
Henry Hardnett FAIA, 2005
James M. Harris FAIA, 1965
John Harrison FAIA, 2019
Dennis Haskell FAIA, 1997
L. Jane Hastings FAIA, 1980
Jane Hendricks FAIA, 2012
David Hewitt FAIA, 1994
Warren C. Heylman FAIA, 1983
Mark Hinshaw FAIA, 1994
Richard W. Hobbs FAIA, 1988
Peter Hockaday FAIA, 1988
David Hoedemaker FAIA, 1979
J. Lister Holmes FAIA, 1955
Donald R. Horn FAIA, 2015
Daniel H. Huberty FAIA, 2000
Robert E. Hull FAIA, 1992
William Isley FAIA, 1996
Douglas Ito FAIA, 2024
Phillip L. Jacobson FAIA, 1973
Perry B. Johanson FAIA, 1960
Lisa K. Johnson FAIA, 2017
Mary Johnston, 2008
Ray Johnston FAIA, 2013
Norman J. Johnston FAIA, 1982
James O. Jonassen FAIA, 1987
Susan Jones FAIA, 2010
Johnpaul Jones FAIA, 1993
Duane Jonlin FAIA, 2016


Bill Karst FAIA, 2003
Doug Kelbaugh FAIA, 1988
Donald I. King FAIA, 2000
Grace H. Kim FAIA, 2021
Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA, 1959
Rena M. Klein FAIA, 2006
Henry Klein FAIA, 1981
Keith Kolb FAIA, 1981
William H. Kreager FAIA, 2003
Tom Kundig FAIA, 2004
Moritz Kundig FAIA, 1984
Eric Lagerberg FAIA, 2021
William LaPatra FAIA, 2023
T. Jerry Lawrence FAIA, 1992
Bradley D. Leathley FAIA, 2016
Mindy Lehrman Cameron FAIA, 2018
Alan Liddle FAIA, 1970
David P. Lindsey FAIA, 1997
George Loschky FAIA, 1993
Arthur K. Loveless FAIA, 1940
Wendell Lovett FAIA, 1978
Erica Loynd FAIA, 2021
John Mahlum FAIA, 1983
Judsen R. Marquardt FAIA, 1993
Edward McCagg FAIA, 1987
Lorne McConachie FAIA, 2012
Steve McConnell FAIA, 2006
John W. McGough FAIA, 1975
James McGranahan FAIA, 1980
David McKinley FAIA, 1974
Christopher Meek FAIA, 2020
James R. Merritt FAIA, 2002
C. Richard Meyer FAIA, 1993
Don C. Miles FAIA, 1992
Robert Miller FAIA, 2012
David Miller FAIA, 1994
Sam Miller FAIA, 2018
Rachel Minnery FAIA, 2015
Robert Misel FAIA, 2024
Omer Mithun FAIA, 1973
Richard E. Mohler FAIA, 2021
Leslie Moldow FAIA, 2010
Margaret Montgomery FAIA, 2014
Jill Morelli FAIA
Robert Lee Morgan FAIA
John Morse FAIA, 1968
Allen Moses FAIA, 1985
Kirsten R. Murray FAIA, 2016
Floyd A. Naramore FAIA, 1935
Ibsen Nelsen FAIA, 1981
John Nesholm FAIA, 1995
Robert J. Nixon FAIA, 1975
Jeffrey Karl Ochsner FAIA, 1996
Sheri Olson FAIA, 2004
James W. P. Olson FAIA, 1991


John R. Pangrazio FAIA, 1999
Charles T. Pearson FAIA, 1973
Ric Peterson FAIA, 2013
Wendy Pautz FAIA, 2018
William Polk FAIA, 1983
Peter Pran FAIA, 2001
Robert B. Price FAIA, 1966
B. Marcus Priteca FAIA, 1951
Michael Pyatok FAIA, 1995
Peter T. S. Rasmussen FAIA, 1998
Mark Reddington FAIA, 2000
William R. Reed FAIA, 1974
Gerald (Butch) Reifert FAIA, 2009
Ilmar Reinvald FAIA, 1988
Stephen Hinley Richardson FAIA, 1967
Sian Roberts FAIA, 2014
Ron Rochon FAIA, 2015
Harry E. Rodman FAIA, 1964
Gordon Ruehl FAIA, 1986
Evett J. Ruffcorn FAIA, 1997
Alissa Rupp FAIA, 2017
Wolf Saar FAIA, 2018
James J. Sanders FAIA, 1993
Walter Schacht FAIA, 2013
Anne Schopf FAIA, 2007
Barnett Schorr FAIA, 1991
Alan Sclater FAIA, 1998
David M. Scott FAIA, 1974
J. Todd Scott FAIA, 2024
George Shaw FAIA, 2013
Steven M. Shiver, 2015
John Shoesmith, 2024
Jack T. Sidener FAIA, 1994
Kathrina Simonen FAIA, 2024
Arthur Skolnik FAIA, 1996
Stanley Albert Smith FAIA, 1954
Michael Smith FAIA, 2002
Boris Srdar FAIA, 2015
Peter Steinbrueck FAIA, 2006
Victor Steinbrueck FAIA, 1963
Henry Steinhardt FAIA, 1979
Norman Strong FAIA, 2004
Amanda Sturgeon FAIA, 2013
Jim Suehiro FAIA, 2009
Rick Sundberg FAIA, 1996
Dr. Sharon E. Sutton FAIA, 1995
George Suyama FAIA, 1993
Ronald Tan FAIA, 1993
Roland Terry FAIA, 1980
Paul Thiry FAIA, 1951
Val Thomas FAIA, 2003
Harlan Thomas FAIA, 1935
Karen Hargarther Thomas FAIA, 2018
David Tomber FAIA, 2012
William Trogdon FAIA, 1980


Ron J. van der Veen FAIA, 2016
Rich Wagner FAIA, 2008
Lawrence Waldron FAIA, 1969
Bruce M. Walker FAIA, 1979
Edward Weinstein FAIA, 1993
Harry C. Weller FAIA, 1966
W. R. B. Willcox FAIA, 1910
Bruce Williams FAIA, 2017
Daniel E. Williams FAIA, 1998
Roger B. Williams FAIA, 1996
Gerald A. Williams FAIA, 1978
Donald Winkelmann FAIA, 1987
Scott Wolf FAIA, 2012
F. Michael Wong FAIA, 1992
David H. Wright FAIA, 1986
John L. Wright FAIA, 1968
Scott Wyatt FAIA, 1994
Clayton Young FAIA, 1987
Ming Zhang FAIA, 2014
Rick Zieve FAIA, 2003

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