Why did you join AIA Seattle?

Being involved in our industry and community of architects has always been a big part of the culture of our  firm, so the decision was a no-brainer.

What is the value of AIA to you?

For me, the greatest value of being a member of AIA is the network that I am part of. There is so much to learn from our peers.

How do you want AIA Seattle to impact our city?

I would like to see AIA leading the conversation about what great design of our built environment means, and be a go-to resource for policy makers.

What interested you about being on the AIA Seattle Board of Directors?

The opportunity to give back to an organization that has focused on us as professionals throughout the years.

Where is the field of architecture, engineering or construction headed?

The lines between design and construction will become increasingly blurred. There will be more integration, and at a faster pace. I think this will break down the silo that architects are placed in, and give us greater responsibility to be leaders.

Can design save the world?

I think systems thinking can save the world, and architects by nature or training excel at it, so that creates an opportunity to lead.

What do you hope to contribute from your work?

I hope the built environment is better for everybody as a result of our firm’s work.