2022-23 Board of Directors

AIA Seattle is a member-led organization that depends on volunteer leadership and initiative. We are deeply grateful for the enormous energy and effort our board members and other volunteer leaders devote to our organization.

AIA Seattle’s Board Nominating Committee is pleased to present this slate of accomplished members to fill open seats on our Board of Directors or current board members moving to officer positions or different positions beginning September 1, 2022. All AIA and Associate AIA members are eligible to vote. Votes are yes or no for each nominee, and write-in votes are allowed. Voting by at least 10% of the membership is required to validate an election.

Voting will close on July 19, 2022

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Michele Hill, AIA – (President Elect Candidate) 2022 – 2023
Member since: 2006 | Pronouns: She/Her

Michele is an architect and Urban Planner at BuildingWork with 12 years of experience in commercial, institutional, ecclesiastical, and residential architecture. She is currently AIA Seattle Board Secretary. Michele also serves on the Member Advancement Steering Committees, and the JEDI Task Force.

Statement of Interest:

AIA Seattle has placed itself at the forefront of AIA and the architecture field as a leader in responding to climate change and, more recently, in addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our profession. The visionary work that has elevated our chapter as a national leader is due to the collaborative efforts of our members, AIA Seattle staff, and the Board of Directors. I look forward to continuing this legacy of leadership as we remain focused on addressing today’s wicked problems. I am particularly excited about the concrete steps we are taking toward becoming a truly inclusive profession, enriched and empowered by the diverse voices we contain and we serve.

Carrie Anderson, AIA, LEED AP, CPHC® – (Secretary Candidate) 2022 – 2023
Member since: 2013 | Pronouns: She/Her

Carrie is an architect at Nest Design/Build and is currently serving on the AIA Seattle Board as a Director of Professional Practice. She has been engaged in custom residential architecture in the Puget Sound Region since 2004, with projects ranging from small remodels and additions to multi-million-dollar new construction.

Statement of Interest:

Through my active participation in AIA Seattle’s Diversity Roundtable committee for the past 6 years, I learned to appreciate the importance of amplifying diverse perspectives within our profession. With my personal investment in this goal, as well as experience as co-chair of the Diversity Roundtable committee, I believe I can be an asset to the AIA Seattle Board of Directors, specifically to Membership Steering Committee. I strongly believe in members shaping the future of our AIA chapter and am excited for the opportunity to serve and channel our members’ input towards that future.

Heather Pogue, AIA – (Treasurer Candidate) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 2008 | Pronouns: She/Her

Heather is a sole practitioner whose firm specializes in the design of custom single-family residences and boutique commercial retail and restaurant projects. Heather has shared that her background running her own practice has taught her the importance of sound budgetary practices, and she looks forward to bringing her perspective to the Executive Committee and Finance Committee.

Statement of Interest:

There are two intentional reasons why I joined AIA. As a member, to be engaged through thoughtful programming and as an architect, to find abundant resources. I was in Austin at the time of my early career and AIA had pulled me in with its zeal to serve the community. They ran the hippest homes tour every year, screened the indie architecture films when they came to town, and engaged the public as much as the architects. Most importantly, they actively listened to what the architects were seeking and used agility to find the answers, and adjusted programming to meet those needs. This kept their position of relevancy to the members they were serving. I found that time to be rewarding and thrilling because I was always looking to AIA Austin for ways to be inspired and ways to have a more successful career.

I became interested in serving on the board in Seattle to provide the same to others what I found early in my Austin career as an emerging architect. I see AIA Seattle as a place to knit that kind of community, mingling architects with the public to spread the audience we reach, and serving the members’ needs with agility and relevancy. I would like to make use of my position on the board to give back to others what I received during those early days of my career, to find ways to provide sources for community, connection, and encouragement to those we serve.

Nicole DeNamur, Hon. AIA (Development) 2022 – 2024
Member since: 2019 | Pronouns: She/Her

Nicole is a sustainability leader who brings her perspective as a lawyer to multiple spaces. Building from her decade of experience in construction and insurance law, she is an affiliate instructor at the University of Washington, and provides additional community learning through her writings and engagements.

Statement of Interest:

I am interested in serving on the AIA Seattle Board of Directors because it presents the opportunity to support an industry and an organization that is positioned to drive real change. I have truly enjoyed co-chairing the Professional Practice Steering Committee, and look forward to applying the skills I learned, and the relationships I built in that role, to a leadership position with the Board.

The design community, and related industries, play a significant and important role in shaping our communities. I believe that diverse perspectives, and collaboration across industries, are some of the keys to solving big challenges like climate change. I want to lend my personal and professional perspective to this role, and the Board’s work. I also know how much representation matters and I would bring my whole self to Board service. As an organization, I believe AIA Seattle should be working on driving deeper and broader equity through the built environment. And while I recognize and appreciate that as an organization the AIA has already prioritized this work, I know that there is a long way to go and a lot of work to be done – I look forward to diving even deeper into this work.

I want to be an active voice in this critical dialogue, even if these conversations are uncomfortable or awkward at times. Equally important, I look forward to actively listening and learning from my peers.

Mark Smedley, AIA (Finance) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 1986 | Pronouns: He/Him

Mark is an Architect at Bassetti Architects, with over 38 years of experience in architecture and urban planning. His work ranges from cultural and institutional projects to a special interest in Senior Living communities and Public Housing neighborhoods. Mark has served on the Finance Committee as a nonboard member for the past year, supporting efforts to increase transparency and improve financial processes.

Statement of Interest:

I am interested in serving on the AIA Seattle Board of Directors as a way to represent the membership from individual practitioners to small, medium, and larger firm members. Having worked in Seattle since 1986 I have seen how this vibrant design community has evolved and responded to emerging issues in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Working with the Finance Committee over the last year, I helped Lisa Richmond and her team in making the transition for the new Executive Director as seamless as possible. From those interactions, I see the possibilities for continuing to address the many needs within our community and will work diligently to meet them.

Becca Book, AIA (Public Policy Candidate) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 2017 | Pronouns: She/Her

Becca believes in using the power of good design to solve ecological and social problems. As an urban designer at Mithun, she applies her design expertise and research and analytical skills to projects promoting coastal resiliency and equitable access to the city.

Statement of Interest:

AIA Seattle has provided me with a venue to explore how local policies shape the built environment, and to advocate for changes that will promote more equitable and sustainable designs. As a member of the board, I would work to help other members understand how policy decisions impact our profession and the daily lives of everyone who lives, works, or plays in our region.  

Our contributions to the design of our community will have long-lasting impacts on the health of residents, the climate, and who is able to access the wealth of opportunities our region has to offer. We have a responsibility not only to design architecture that strengthens our communities, but also to help policymakers and the public visualize how changes in their community could help facilitate a more sustainable future that is accessible to people from all walks of life. I look forward to lending my voice to AIA’s advocacy efforts, and to inviting input from diverse perspectives across industries and identities to better inform how we can work towards realizing our shared values.

Sarah Burk, AIA (Professional Practice) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 2018 | Pronouns: She/Her

Sarah is an architect at Johnston Architects. She grew up in rural communities in Oklahoma and Montana, which shaped her appreciation for design that speaks to residents at every scale and in every place. After spending summers interning in Seattle, Sarah earned her BA in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture at Montana State University in Bozeman and decided to make the Emerald City her new home base.

Statement of Interest:

I’m interested in serving because I believe that advocacy for the profession of architecture and for the architect is what one of the most important roles I can have as an architect. We have a huge responsibility for the future of our built-environment and the impact that has on generations to come. What we decide matters. We are a powerful voice when united – one that has a say on climate change, social equity, sustainability, preservation, infrastructure, and policy. All of these topics are just as prevalent in Seattle as they are nation-wide. I look forward to diving in and learning what we can do in creating effective change in architecture.

Mark Chubb, Assoc. AIA (Affiliate Development Candidate) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 2020 | Pronouns: He/Him

Mark is the Director of Technical Services with Code Unlimited, LLC. He is an experienced emergency management and public safety executive with diverse professional, technical and academic experience in public, private and non-profit organizations.

Statement of Interest:

AIA Seattle is the most active and visible advocate for inclusive design in our region. The chapter’s members are thought leaders in the profession nationally and internationally. In my tenure as an AIA committee member and co-chair, the dedication of chapter members to social justice, environmental justice, sustainability, and resilience have made a powerful impression on me. Beyond the groundbreaking work they do for clients every day, Seattle AIA’s members and committees are actively engaged in efforts to address the affordable housing crisis, create more inclusive spaces for people of every age and ability, and use design to inform just culture and addresses persistent inequities. As an allied professional, I am inspired by these efforts and eager to empower others in the design and construction industry to embrace these efforts alongside AIA Seattle members.

Melissa Falcetti, AIA (Membership + 10 County) 2022 – 2023 Appointment
Member since: 2014 | Pronouns: She/Her

Melissa is a licensed architect, passed the CSI’s Construction Documents Technologist exam, and is a Certified Construction Specifier. She has served as the education chair of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute since 2012 and has been an active member of AIA Seattle advisory groups.

Statement of Interest:

As cheesy as it sounds, volunteering for industry organizations has truly enriched not just my career but also my life. We’re in a small and collaborative industry so the more of us that succeed, the better off we all are. I want to help AIA Seattle reach as many of our colleagues as possible to help them flourish and reach heights they didn’t realize were possible. Especially during/after the pandemic, it’s so easy to isolate ourselves from one another, but I’ve found that the true value of this industry is in its personal relationships. One of the most efficient ways to develop those relationships is through an organization – by volunteering and helping one another. I’m excited that AIA Seattle is working to reach out to those in our Chapter who don’t live within King County and bringing them opportunities so we can all thrive regardless of location or access.  

Rushyan Yen, AIA (AIA WA/Public Policy Candidate) 2022 – 2025
Member since: 2017 | Pronouns: She/Her

Rushyan is a sustainability consultant with 9+ years of experience advising clients, conducting research, and driving impact toward equitable, regenerative, and resilient organizations and infrastructure. Deep experience in energy efficiency and decarbonization with particular emphasis on the built environment.

Statement of Interest:

As an architect, my efforts to make the world a better place have often resulted in a design concept or built form. I have come to see however that it is through deep collaboration and meaningful interactions with the design community and local stakeholders that fundamental change is possible. I believe that AIA Seattle is the glue that brings people together and allows this important collaboration to take place.  

After two inspiring and empowering years as a Board Associate on the AIA WA Council, I’m excited to bring my experience to the AIA Seattle Board of Directors and serve as a liaison between the two organizations as well as to the greater design community. Through this collaboration, I know we will be able to address and respond to the challenges that face our community and profession, together.  

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