I started my interactions with AIA when I was a Freshman at Bartlett-Begich Secondary School in Anchorage and my drafting teacher (Mr. Monaco) had us enter an AIA Student Design Competition each year. Then I did an internship at CCC Architects in Anchorage as a Sophomore. After that, it was a series of AIA and other committees and boards including:

  • AIA Eugene Oregon: coordinating student practicum visits for the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon (1982-83)
  • Co-chair of the Alaska Intern Architects Forum in Anchorage (1984-86)
  • Joining AIA Seattle as an Associate member in 1986 when I moved here
  • Upgrading to full member when I got my license in 1990
  • Working on the Awards Committee for 4 consecutive years in the mid-1990’s
  • AIA Seattle Design for Aging Committee member for 7 years including the last 3 (2011 – 2014) as Committee Chair

I also had a number of experiences on volunteer boards.

  • Joining the Pike Market Child Care & Preschool Board also in the mid-1990’s for 8 years including the last three as incoming, sitting, and outgoing Board President
  • Friends of Hawthorne (elementary school) PTSA and later transitioning to PTA. I was Building Committee and later Treasurer
  • Epiphany Church Vestry from 1999 – 2001 including the last year as Junior Warden
  • Holy Names Academy Building Committee for 8 years (4 years while my daughter attended then four more – they wouldn’t let me leave!)


I am interested in serving on the AIA Seattle Board of Directors as a way to represent the membership from individual practitioners to small, medium and larger firm members. Having worked in Seattle since 1986 I have seen how this vibrant design community has evolved and responded to emerging issues in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Working with the Finance Committee over the last year, I helped Lisa Richmond and her team in making the transition for the new Executive Director as seamless as possible. From those interactions, I see the possibilities for continuing to address the many needs within our community and will work diligently to meet them.