2023 Honor Awards | Submittal FAQs

Submissions are open and I have questions!

Visit the 2023 Honor Awards page and download the 2023 Call for Submissions + Guidelines for details about requirements, submission categories, and submitter eligibility. If you still have questions, we hope this FAQ page will help! The final submission deadline is September 27, 2023.


Do I have to start and finish my submission in one session?
No. Submitters can start, save, and return to draft submissions at any point until submissions close (5:00pm PT on September 27). To return to a draft submission, log in to your Submittable account (www.aiaseattle.submittable.com/submit) and select the “Saved Drafts” tab. We highly recommendcompleting your submission(s) well ahead of the final deadline.  

Can I still submit after the September 13“early bird” submission deadline?
Yes. Please note that prices go up 15% after 5:00 pm PT on September 13. 

Can I submit out-of-state and/or out-of-country projects?
Yes, just make sure the projects were completed or initiated within the last 5 years (after November 2018), and the submitter eligibility requirements are met (for example, at least one architect on the design team of a BUILT submission must be licensed in the state of WA). See the 2023 Call for Submissions + Guidelines for eligibility requirements. 

How will I know my submission has been received?
Upon completing payment and clicking “SUBMIT” you will receive a confirmation e-mail message from Submittable. If you do not, please e-mail zoeg@aiaseattle.org. 

What if I already finalized my submission(completed payment and clicked ‘SUBMIT’) and need to make a change due to an entry or upload error?
Please submit an “Edit Request” on your submitter interface in Submittable before submissions close on September 27, or e-mail zoeg@aiaseattle.org immediately. We will be in touch to help resolve any errors before the deadline.  

Can I re-submit a project I have submitted in the past?
Yes, but only if the project has not yet been recognized and still meets eligibility criteria. In fact, we encourage submitters to re-submit as every year and every jury is different. We have seen projects get awarded on their second or third submission. You never know if this could be your year!  

Where can I get inspired by award-winning project submissions?
Refer to past galleries and check out the 2022 award winners and 2021 award winners. Plus, members of the Honor Awards Committee recorded two What Makes a Good Submission? video resources to demonstrate how some of the past winners crafted their project story, which you can view here and here. 

When will the jury be announced?
In early September. Stay tuned, and don’t wait to get started on your submission in the meantime! 

When will the 2023Online Gallery be available for public viewing?
By October 5. All projects will be listed anonymously until the winners are announced at the Live Event on November 6. 


I’m submitting a project to the BUILT submission category. Do I have to complete the 2023 Common App for Design Excellence, even if I don’t intend to win the Energy in Design Award?  

Yes. Regardless of intent to achieve 2030 Challenge targets or be awarded the Energy in Design Award, we ask ALL entrants in the BUILT category to submit energy data. Please make sure you’ve downloaded the 2023 Common App, as we make refinements each year.  

I am new to completing the Common App. Can someone help me fill it out? 

Yes! The following resources are available to support submitters with the Common App:   

  • Attend Common App Office Hours on September 7 at 12:00PM (Zoom)  
  • Integrated Design Lab is available to offer technical support for the Common App until September 26 at 5:00pm PT. E-mail Teresa Moroseos (teresafm@uw.edu) with the subject line “AIA Seattle Common App” with questions.    

Do I need to complete every field in the Common App?
No. Refer to the legend in the Common App for minimum required fields. We ask that all applicable BUILT submitters do their best to complete the full form. Fill out as much info as you have! 

Does the Common App generate a score for my project?
No. The Common App is primarily used for the jury to evaluate projects, particularly for the Energy in Design Award. To qualify for the Energy in Design Award, the submitted project must meet the 2030 Challenge criteria or better. AIA Seattle and the Integrated Design Lab also use the data to track metrics over time, and we hope to identify more opportunities to share findings broadly. 

Do all AIA chapters use the Common App as part of their awards submission process?
No. However, at least two dozen chapters are using some form of the Common App and/or the Framework for Design Excellence in their awards program, and COTE National hopes to expand this reach. AIA Seattle has been a leader in using this tool as part of the Honor Awards for Washington Architecture since 2020 after sunsetting the Energy in Design Award Calculator (previously used to evaluate projects for the Energy in Design Award since 2016). The AIA Seattle chapter champions the role of architects as leaders in positive climate action as a core imperative.  


Where can I purchase tickets to this year’sLive Event?
More information about the 2023 Honor Awards Live Event will be shared broadly and sent to submitters near submissions close. We have some exciting updates we can’t reveal quite yet! For now, save the date for the evening of Monday, November 6! 


Questions about Submitting? Contact Programs Manager, Zoe Guckenheimer

Questions about attending the Live Event? Contact Senior Programs Coordinator, Andrea Aguilera

Questions about Sponsorship? Contact Executive Director, Melissa K. Neher