Support More ADUs in Seattle!

On May 13, Seattle’s Hearing Examiner ruled on an appeal of the final environmental impact statement related to the proposed changes, allowing the city’s ADU legislation to proceed. Councilmember Mike O’Brien is expected to introduce his ADU legislation on May 29, followed by public input on June 11 and votes on June 18. The proposal will allow an AADU and a DADU on the same lot; would no longer require off-street parking for accessory units; and would no longer require owners of properties with accessory units to live on site.

AIA Seattle encourages members to contact their City Councilmembers in support of the proposal; you can do so via email or in person at the Council’s June 11 public hearing. If you are interested in connecting with others who are testifying on June 11 in support, let Kirsten know. In addition, MOAR – More Options for Accessory Residences – is holding a May 28 messaging meeting for those interested in testifying.

Seattle info page on ADUs
Seattle City Council contact information
Sample talking points
AIA Seattle position statement on ADUs

Now is the time to ask your City Councilmembers to make building ADUs in Seattle backyards easier.