Design After Quarantine Series

AIA Seattle's Design After Quarantine series examines the landscape for architects and design during and after COVID. What does work look like in the era of social distancing? How will we approach the practice of architecture differently? What will be the ongoing impacts to our cities and the way we think about public spaces?

Join us for an extended look at how design is impacted by the COVID pandemic.

June 2020

These town halls, one for medium-large firms and one for small firms, explored how firms and individuals were strategizing about our profession’s move to working from home and a return the office while navigating the COVID pandemic.
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November 2020 – February 2021

Our Future of Design panels will explore how the COVID experience is changing the way we think about and design buildings and spaces. As we try to understand the role of architecture post-pandemic, we’ll look at how design is already changing to accommodate market demands and societal shifts as we adjust to living, working, and staying healthy in our built environment. Our panelists will discuss what they are hearing from clients as well as new ideas, innovations, and best-practices that designers can use to make our built environment healthier, more equitable, and resilient.

The Future of Residential Design | November 5
We’ll explore the ways in which the look and function of single- and multi-family residences are being altered by the pandemic today and what changes are on the horizon for tomorrow.
Video available via the above link.

The Architecture for Health Committee presents: Looking Back to Look Forward | Nov. 4-6
With a global pandemic, racial injustice, and climate change at the constant forefront of our minds, by now it is clear that we are all living through a major turning point in history. Join us in conversation on what we have learned in the past year and the opportunities to move health care forward together.

The Future of the Workplace Design | January 15, 2:00-3:00 pm
Join our panel for a discussion of how the workplace has changed as a result of COVID and what that means for design. More than ever before, architects are being asked to design for occupant health with extended concepts of sustainability. We’ll look at how these strategies are affecting cost of construction, owners’ pro forma analysis, and space utilization and growth projections. We’ll also look at how workplaces themselves are changing, with less focus on a central workspace and a greater emphasis on flexible spaces and working remotely.

The Committee on Architecture for Education presents: The State of Higher Education – A Look at Today and Tomorrow | Jan. 20, 12-1 pm
Join our panel for a discussion on the current realities and what’s next for higher education as institutions and industry experts navigate the evolution of campus together. While the pandemic shone a spotlight on the vulnerabilities that have plagued higher education institutions for years, it also represents an opportunity to improve the system holistically. Our panel will discuss how their campuses are addressing their respective moving targets and share lessons learned and success stories. What didn’t work? What worked? What to try next?

K-12 Design After the Pandemic | February tbd