Being an Effective Advocate: A Guide for AIA Seattle Members

Advocacy - an attempt to influence public policy in a way that brings about legislative action or change - is an important part of our democratic process.

Legislators look to their constituents to bring information to their attention and to let them know how they want to be represented. Architects can play a key role in public policy debates and decisions on issues important to the built environment. Architects are both respected by policymakers and are looked to for technical knowledge on issues integral to the future livability of our cities.

When you are passionate about an issue and ready to take action, it’s important to understand the legislative process, key players and how to be strategic in the relationships you develop and tools you utilize to effectively communicate your position. Use this guide to help familiarize yourself with the methods of engagement at each level of government. Decide which issue(s) you’d like to advocate for, determine which officials you’d like to contact and decide how you want to engage. Public officials take your input seriously – it’s their job to represent you.

Click on the links below to learn more about engaging in advocacy through AIA and on your own at each level of government.

If you’d like help, contact Manager of Advocacy Kirsten Smith by email or phone at 206-488-4938 x401. If you’d like to join AIA’s efforts on a particularly policy topic, let Kirsten know. Your voice is integral to our advocacy efforts and we’d love to have you join us.

Note: members represent themselves only, not the AIA, unless expressly invited to do so.


Federal Government: AIA National
State Government: AIA Washington Council
Local Government: AIA Seattle