Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholarship

AIA Seattle’s Diversity Roundtable established this fund to advance professional diversity through support of students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds at the University of Washington College of Built Environments.

The fund was established in 1986, and in 2004, AIA Seattle’s Diversity Roundtable completed a campaign to endow the fund, administered by the University of Washington. In 2006, AIA National matching funds added value to the programs and augmented support to the recipients selected by the University of Washington College of Built Environments. The Diversity Roundtable Committee congratulates and welcomes the scholarship recipient at University of Washington College of Built Environments’ annual Recognition Day, and at the annual Summer Solstice event.


A University of Washington student who is enrolled in the University of Washington College of Built Environments program and can demonstrate economic need based on minority/disadvantaged


A University of Washington faculty committee reviews applications and selects a qualifying student to receive scholarship support.

Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholarship Recipients

2019-2020 Haley Wilson
2018-2019 Jeannyffer Campos
2017-18: Stefanie Barrera
2016-17: Nathan Altenberg
2015-16: Adam Clements
2014-15: Biruk Mulugeta
2013-14: Gabrel Gonzales
2012-13 Kira Connery
2011-2012: Jayanath Ranaweera
2010-11: AJ Taaca
2009-10: Jennifer Richter
2008-09: Charla Lemoine
2008-09: Andre’ Taybron
2007-08: Tracey Brown
2007-08: Jonathan Hernandez
2006-07: Ray Villanueva
2005-06: Farina Clark
2005-06: Yong Sun Lee
2004-05: Yamani Hernandez
2004-05: Frank Brescia
2003-04: Maria Do
2002-03: Youngmin Han
2001-02: Maurice Diaz
2000-01: Natalie Echeverri
1998-99: Vincent Gonzales
1997-98: Uyvu Nguyen
1994: Rico Quirindongo

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