Medal of Honor Recipients

Dr. Sharon E. Sutton, FAIA, is an activist architecture educator and scholar who promotes inclusivity in
the cultural makeup of her profession and in the populations it serves. She calls upon architects to
undertake transformative approaches to improving living conditions in low-income communities of color
which, she argues, will attract more ethnic minorities into the field. Dr. Sutton’s upcoming book continues
her trajectory of documenting America’s continuing struggle for educational equity. Entitled When Ivory
Towers Were Black, it portrays what was undoubtedly the nation’s most audacious effort to recruit black
and Hispanic students to Columbia University’s School of Architecture, while offering design services to
the nearby Harlem community. Dr. Sutton has been a professional musician, fine artist, and practicing
architect, and is now professor of architecture and urban design, adjunct professor of social work, and
director of the Center for Environment Education and Design Studies at the University of Washington. She
is a registered architect, certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and was
once a member of the musician’s union in New York City. Dr. Sutton holds five academic degrees—in
music, architecture, philosophy, and psychology. In addition to being a fellow in the American Institute of
Architects and recipient of the AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Award, she is a distinguished professor of the
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and an inductee into the Michigan Women’s Hall of
Fame. Formerly, she was a Kellogg National Fellow, a Danforth Fellow, and president of the National
Architectural Accrediting Board.

2013: Rick Sundberg FAIA
2012: James Cutler FAIA
2011: Ed Weinstein FAIA
2010: David Miller FAIA and Robert Hull FAIA
2009: George Suyama FAIA
2008: Jim Jonassen FAIA
2007: Jim Olson FAIA
2006: Johnpaul Jones FAIA
2005: David Hewitt FAIA
2004: John F. Nesholm FAIA
2003: Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA
2002: David Hoedemaker FAIA
2001: Carolyn D. Geise FAIA
2000: Lee G. Copeland FAIA
1999: David McKinley FAIA
1998: Arne Bystrom FAIA
1997: William J. Bain Jr., FAIA
1996: John Morse FAIA
1995: L. Jane Hastings FAIA and Henry Klein FAIA
1994: Phillip L. Jacobson FAIA
1993: Wendell Lovett FAIA
1992: not given
1991: Roland Terry FAIA
1990: Norman J. Johnston FAIA
1989: Ibsen Nelsen FAIA
1988: Fred Bassetti FAIA and Anthony Callison AIA (posthumous)
1987: A. O. Bumgardner FAIA
1986: not given
1985: Robert L. Durham FAIA
1984: Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA and Paul Thiry FAIA

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