AIA Seattle Gold Medal

The AIA Seattle Gold Medal, the highest award that AIA Seattle can bestow on one of its members, recognizes distinguished lifetime achievement in architecture, including design and professional practice and service to the profession, the community, education and the arts.

When first given in 1984, its originators hoped that their successors would give the Medal “with great consideration and care – even reluctance – only to those architects who have made singularly distinguished contributions to design, to the profession, and to the Chapter; to [those] who over the years have given us glimpses and insight into the broader possibilities of architecture; those who have provided us the opportunity to observe that most important element of creative lives; and to those who by their talents and accomplishments have demonstrated that architecture, practiced this way, becomes much more than a profession.”

The first Medal recipients were Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA and Paul Thiry FAIA. Then and since, the Medal recognizes architects who have had a substantial influence in shaping and advancing architecture in the Pacific Northwest as it grows in national and international importance.

The AIA Seattle’s Fellows and Honors Committee invites AIA Seattle members to bring forward names of candidates for this award for the committee’s recommendation to the AIA Seattle Board of Directors. Each year after the AIA Convention, AIA Seattle presents the Medal and other AIA Seattle Honors at the AIA Seattle President’s Dinner.

Gold Medal Recipients


2023: Susan Jones FAIA
2022: Richard ‘Rick’ E. Mohler FAIA
2021: Anne Schopf FAIA
2020: Walter Schacht FAIA


2019: No award given
2018: Tom Kundig FAIA
2017: Bert Gregory FAIA
2016: Marilyn Brockman AIA
2015: Donald I. King FAIA
2014: Dr. Sharon E. Sutton FAIA
2013: Rick Sundberg FAIA
2012: James Cutler FAIA
2011: Ed Weinstein FAIA
2010: David Miller FAIA and Robert Hull FAIA


2009: George Suyama FAIA
2008: Jim Jonassen FAIA
2007: Jim Olson FAIA
2006: Johnpaul Jones FAIA
2005: David Hewitt FAIA
2004: John F. Nesholm FAIA
2003: Thomas L. Bosworth FAIA
2002: David Hoedemaker FAIA
2001: Carolyn D. Geise FAIA
2000: Lee G. Copeland FAIA


1999: David McKinley FAIA
1998: Arne Bystrom FAIA
1997: William J. Bain Jr. FAIA
1996: John Morse FAIA
1995: L. Jane Hastings FAIA and Henry Klein FAIA
1994: Phillip L. Jacobson FAIA
1993: Wendell Lovett FAIA
1992: not given
1991: Roland Terry FAIA
1990: Norman J. Johnston FAIA


1989: Ibsen Nelsen FAIA
1988: Fred Bassetti FAIA and Anthony Callison AIA (posthumous)
1987: A. O. Bumgardner FAIA
1986: not given
1985: Robert L. Durham FAIA
1984: Paul Hayden Kirk FAIA and Paul Thiry FAIA

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