Missing Middle Housing Reading List

The Housing Imperative

Nine Totally Necessary Evolutionary Changes for Seattle’s Residential Neighborhoods     The Urbanist     4.16.20

Cities turn to ‘missing middle’ housing to keep older millennials from leaving     Washington Post     12.9.17

Bring Back Missing Middle Housing     AARP     2019

History of Seattle Zoning: This Is How You Slow-Walk into a Housing Shortage     Sightline     5.23.2018

Single Detached House Zoning

It’s Time to End Single-Family Zoning    Journal of the American Planning Association     12.6.2019

Lessons from Oregon’s Missing Middle Success      Sightline     11.4.19

How Minneapolis Ended Single-Family Zoning     The Century Foundation     10.24.2019

How Seattle Designed Neighborhood Plans to Inhibit Inclusivity     The Urbanist      10.17.19

Washington Legislature Opts for Incentives Over Mandates to Promote Housing Density in HB 1923     The Urbanist     5.14.19

Cities Start to Question an American Ideal: A House With a Yard on Every Lot     New York Times     6.18.19

Americans Need More Neighbors     New York Times     6.15.19

Is it Time to Ditch 1950’s Era Single-Family Zoning?     The Urbanist     12.4.18

Rapidly growing Seattle constrains new housing through widespread single-family zoning     Seattle Times     5.10.18


Will Wall Street invade Seattle’s single-family neighborhoods? Not likely, experts say     Crosscut     7.18.20

ADUs In, McMansions Out, and Could Fourplexes Be Next?     The Urbanist     7.2.2019

Washington Just Advanced the Nation’s Best ADU Reform. Here’s Why It’ll Help.     Sightline     2/28/2019

Seattle Planning Commission Reports

Neighborhoods for All     Fall 2018

Evolving Seattle’s Growth Strategy     Winter 2020

Rectifying Seattle’s racist past requires a denser future, says report     Crosscut     12.12.2018

Architects as Advocates

Elevating the Role of Architects as Advocates for Equitable Housing     Next City     9.20.18


Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections: Zoning