We founded Mutuus Studio for others like us – those who share a mutual obsession for highly crafted design, and also for those that don’t feel like placing limits on what we design. Our work ranges from residential and commercial to hospitality and interiors. An integral and exclusive part of our studio is our Mutuus Made works that are offered exclusively to our clients. We design and fabricate custom objects, lighting, hardware and materials that enhance the architecture and interiors that we design. We approach each of our projects with attention to detail and limit the number of projects that we have in the studio so we can provide the utmost attention that our clients deserve.

Our name Mutuus (moo-tus) is a the latin word for “mutual / exchange”. The name reinforces our studio philosophy that design is inherently collaborative and mutually beneficial. Although each project has a project leader, all of the three partners work together collaboratively on all the projects and lend one anothers expertise to a given project.


Mutuus Studio’s three partners—Jim Friesz, Kristen Becker and Saul Becker — architect/musician, designer/dancer and artist/builder – each contribute a unique vision to the firm’s multifaceted design mission by drawing on their diverse backgrounds to inform their work. We believe that the interaction between various disciplines allows us to find new ways of seeing things.

Examples of Projects

  • Samara Restaurant, Seattle
  • Hollywood Hills Residence, Los Angeles
  • Paws Up Resort-Social Haus, Montana
  • Acid Ball Public Art, Bellingham
  • Paws Up Resort-SHED, Montana
  • Supernova Nightclub, Seattle
  • The Casa-Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles
  • W72nd Penthouse, New York
  • Tribeca Loft, New York
  • Onda Origins Flagship Coffee Shop, Seattle

Established: 2016



6118 12th Ave South Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: 347-267-0302