Best Practice Architecture

Co-lead by partners Ian Butcher and Kailin Gregga, Best Practice has been actively pursuing challenging and creative work in and around the Pacific Northwest since 2011.

We champion good ideas, not who is responsible for having them, and we foster an attitude in the studio that is not centered on a single design vision.

Rather than being beholden to one design aesthetic or process, we encourage our designers to evolve and develop ideas based on the project characteristics, sustainability or weird program adjacencies.

We invite and lean into eccentric conditions and treat these constraints as opportunities for inventive problem solving.

Best Practice loves to engage with the larger group of makers and thinkers in our work!

We are fortunate to have deep connections in our local design community and have close working relationships with many local designers, fabricators, artists and engineers. These talented individuals lend their craft and insight and help provide a measure of unique, locally crafted, feeling in our work.

Our strength lies in our ability to creatively collaborate – with each other, our fabricators and our clients to provide innovative solutions that explore the precarious balance between function, content and beauty.

Established: 2011


Best Practice Architecture

1419 S. Jackson St. Suite 14 Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: 206-217-1600