ATELIER DROME architecture, interior design, and branding is a full-service design firm based in Seattle specializing in residential, hospitality, commercial, and workplace environments. We believe that good design truly has a positive impact and should be accessible to everyone, whether in spaces we use every day like residences and workplaces, or in public places such as restaurants, shops, and hotels. From our studio’s inception in 2012, we have cultivated a highly collaborative, unpretentious yet rigorous design approach where all voices are valued equally. Together, we create buildings, spaces and identities grounded in connection—between individual and community, beauty and function, people and place.

We’re passionate about design and believe the process should be anything but stodgy. When you work with us, we’ll act as your trusted advisor, listening carefully as we guide you through the design process to create a place as unique as you are.

Atelier Drome strives for a human-centered process where active listening informs an honest dialogue. We are highly curious designers who place enormous emphasis on understanding each client’s unique vision, desires, and needs. For it is only when we design from empathy that we can create meaningful places and identities that will serve people now, and into the future.

Established: 2012



112 Prefontaine Place S Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: 2063954392

  • Atelier Drome - Frankie & Jos, University Village
  • Atelier Drome - Lake Union Floating Home
  • Atelier Drome - Leschi House
  • Atelier Drome - Communion Restaurant and Bar
  • Atelier Drome - Ship Canal Floating Home
  • Atelier Drome - Tavolata, Capitol Hill
  • Atelier Drome - Leschi House
  • Atelier Drome - Wallingford Farmhouse
  • Atelier Drome - Gatewood Home