AS-Built Studio

AS-Built Studio is a distinguished architectural firm rooted in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2018 by Alev Seymen, an architect with over two decades of experience, our practice is a testament to the confluence of artistic inspiration and precision craftsmanship.

With a diverse portfolio spanning Istanbul and Seattle, Alev has left her indelible mark on a myriad of projects, including art installations, restaurants, malls, corporate tenant improvements, and educational institutions. Her profound connection with residential design, however, has been the defining chapter of her professional life since 2006. This niche allows her to meld architectural brilliance with the intricacies of human behavior, creating homes that resonate with the essence of those who inhabit them.

At AS-Built Studio, we specialize in creating spaces that transcend the ordinary. While residential design is our passion, our diverse expertise extends to commercial projects, tenant improvements, and restaurant design.

Examples of Projects

  • Island Sanctuary
  • Urban Retreat
  • White Gables
  • Capitol Hill Grand
  • Mercer Home
  • Light Filled Tudor
  • Lake Tahoe Family Retreaat

Established: 2018


AS-Built Studio

2208 NW MARKET ST #303 SEATTLE, WA 98107

Phone: 206.747.0461