Studio Meng Strazzara

Founded in 1976, Studio Meng Strazzara is a dynamic, Seattle-based design firm providing architectural, planning,and consulting services across the Pacific Northwest. We have a diverse and growing portfolio and have been committed to design excellence and unmatched service to our clients since the beginning of our practice. Our designers come from all over the world and share a passion for the built environment and for creating spaces that are timeless, functional, and beautiful. Our staff include licensed architects and LEED® Accredited Professionals. As architects and designers, we live for each new opportunity to apply our creative talents and instincts. We strive to blend “form and function” to help make each small but important part of our world a little better.

Established: 1976


Studio Meng Strazzara

2001 Western Avenue Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 587-3797

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