SRG Partnership

We recognize our work to be more than buildings or projects; as opportunities to transform whole communities and create meaningful places in which people can learn, live and thrive.

Founded in 1972, SRG remains true to its original mission: elevating design as a shared value. With offices in Portland and Seattle, we are deeply rooted in the Northwest and hold high regard for our region’s connection to nature and opportunities for healthy living in our rapidly growing communities. Our 90-person firm has earned a position of respect for its research-based practice that focuses on sustainable strategies and breaking boundaries within architectural design.

Over the years, SRG has expanded to include a wide range of specializations: sports and fitness, civic and cultural, education, research, healthcare, urban design, master planning and sustainable design. The thread running through all our work, connecting small and large projects across all program types, is a commitment to design excellence that raises standards for aesthetics, experience, function and performance.

Nothing inspires us more than combining multiple disciplines to challenge conventional ideas and gain new insights. Considering the broad range of projects we design under one roof, it is no surprise that we work closely with industry leaders in each market, as well as in architecture and engineering. With tremendous idealism and a focus on innovation, our collaborative approach achieves great results at every scale.

Established: 2003


SRG Partnership

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