Runberg Architecture Group

Since our founding in 1998, Runberg Architecture Group has earned a name for thoughtful design that balances the unique social, economic and environmental interests of each project.

This balance leads to sustainability, which is most simply defined as the long-term maintenance of our well being, and to wise stewardship, the responsible management of resource use.

Our mission is to design places that achieve this balance for our clients and communities by honoring the distinct needs and opportunities of each project-knowing that the greatest successes are a three-way win.

Examples of Projects

  • Sitka
  • Cypress
  • The Tony Lee
  • Astro Apartments
  • Odin Apartments
  • Marion West Apartments
  • Eleanor Apartments
  • Orion
  • Stack House Apartments
  • Batik

Established: 1998


Runberg Architecture Group

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