McClellan | Tellone

McClellan | Tellone, a Seattle based architecture and interior design firm, led by Regan McClellan and Christopher Tellone, was founded in 1997 with a dedication to providing contemporary design solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Serving clients across the West Coast and beyond, McClellan | Tellone builds upon an impressive catalog of work showcasing decades of expertise with an array of comprehensive services – architectural design, interior design, landscape design, lighting design, furnishing and art curation, as well as master planning and site design. This range of services places the firm in a unique position to bring not just one aspect of a design concept to life, but rather the entire vision of our clients to reality through a comprehensive and collaborative process.

Our strength is our ability to offer a holistic design service to create a completely integrated project that demonstrates a connection between the built environment and its surroundings – inspired by and connected to our natural world through experience, touch and materiality.

Across the last three decades, McClellan | Tellone has assembled a portfolio of exquisitely crafted homes, hospitality, and equestrian projects. Wherever we work, our design is grounded in the sensitive response to the site maximizing the qualities of the view, topography and climate.

It is our ability to not only guide but to listen to our clients, to the land we build upon and to the team of consultants and builders we have developed lasting relationships with that distinguishes our firm. The success of our projects comes from the personal collaboration forged between the owner, architect and builder. It is this personal dedication that is the core of our work.

Established: 1997


McClellan | Tellone

3309 Wallingford Avenue N Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 728-0480