live-work-play is an award winning firm that focuses on thoughtful projects in a variety of styles.  Ranging from specific details to site context, we combine practical knowledge with an artful, collaborative approach to create wonderful and functional spaces.

We focus on sustainability in each project.  We would be glad to help you with your ground-up DADU (detached accessory dwelling unit), your ADU (attached accessory dwelling unit), addition, remodel or new home. We see the possibilities of space.

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Examples of Projects

  • Columbia City Backyard Cottage: New Construction 4 Star Built Green DADU
  • West Seattle Kitchen Art: Multi-Phase Whole House Remodel and Addition
  • Capitol Hill Transformation: Remodel + Exterior Hardscaping
  • Greenwood Contemporary DADU
  • Greenwood Addition and Whole House Remodel
  • Wedgewood Aging in Place
  • Wedgewood Kitchen and Bath
  • Tangletown DADU: Aging in Place

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Phone: 206-726-0077