Creative work that resolves complex urban challenges is our hallmark.

As advocates for cities, we embrace our responsibility to address the need for urban density and an increasing cadre of environmental sensitivities with quality, beautiful architecture. Our work is designed to create connections between people – to each other and to the places they live, work, and shop.

HEWITT is passionate about urban realms. This shows in our designs for mixed-use & residential, multi-modal transportation, civic & municipal, and commercial projects – all which encourage and nurture the activities that they serve. We embrace opportunities to collaborate with our clients.  Let’s have fun working together.


Examples of Projects

  • The Emerald
  • Capitol Hill Station
  • Dimension
  • Northgate Station
  • Excelsior
  • 5th & Roy
  • Gridiron
  • Luna
  • Capitol Hill Station Transit-Oriented Development
  • Eight Eighty-Eight

Established: 1975



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  • Architecture by HEWITT
  • Capitol Hill Station. Architecture by HEWITT
  • Dimension. Architecture by HEWITT
  • Northgate Station. Architecture by HEWITT
  • Excelsior. Architecture by HEWITT
  • 5th & Roy. Architecture by HEWITT
  • Gridiron. Architecture by HEWITT.
  • Luna. Architecture by HEWITT.
  • Capitol Hill TOD. Architecture by HEWITT.
  • Eight Eighty-Eight. Architecture by HEWITT.