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Our design approach is modern, in the sense that it expresses present day lifestyles and building technologies, while nonetheless respecting the principles of architectural history. Our solutions are clearly and logically laid out, and all design elements, from small details to overall concept, are created with equal discipline and passion. We look for creative clues inherent in the client’s dreams, the program, the budget, and the site, and avoid imposing uninformed preconceptions. Successful solutions have both an economy of means, where each gesture satisfies multiple needs, and a poetic resonance with one’s spirit.

Our commitment to sustainable environmental design is an integral part of the entire process, beginning with an evaluation of getting the most value and utility with the least amount of necessary building. We develop creative strategies to minimize energy consumption, incorporate the effective use of daylight, and select responsible materials and products.

Over his 25 year career, projects designed and managed by Bruce Donnally have received numerous regional and national awards. Donnally Architects was listed in the SH&L magazine “Top 100 People, Places and Things that Define Seattle Design” for his focus on renovating mid-century houses.

Established: 2000


Donnally Architects

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