CASA Architecture and Interior Design

CASA is a residential architecture and interior design firm specializing in custom home remodels and new construction throughout the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound areas.

The CASA philosophy is that a residential architect does far more than deliver technical solutions. Our primary emphasis is developing a relationship with our clients, who often turn to us for repeat and multiphase projects over many years as their requirements change.

We custom design homes to reflect and express the people who live in them. Although every home we create is unique, the architectural process we follow has three constants: service, artistry, and teamwork.

We emphasize a Team Build approach, which includes the builder in the design process, instead of the traditional design-then-bid sequence. This gives you more control over your project, saves you time and money, and improves quality.

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CASA Architecture and Interior Design

17281 13th Avenue NW Shoreline, WA 98177

Phone: 206-533-8733