B9 Architects

2010 Young Architect Award, AIA Seattle

b9 architects investigates methods of design and construction in order to maximize sustainability. through thoughtful site planning, energy considerations, daylighting and material choices, we are committed to working towards achieving carbon neutrality in our built environment. b9 architects creates open, connective spaces and maximizes access to natural light. practicality and design issues are equally considered. the resulting space elevates and enriches life experience. our work seeks to transform experiences from mundane to sacred. expansiveness is expressed through open, interlocking vertical volumes. we maintain an open dialog as we encourage and facilitate the formation of each client’s vision. b9 architects has been recognized for its design excellence and commitment to sustainability in multiple local and national publications, including GreenSource magazine. b9 has received awards including AIA Seattle’s Project of the Month and was selected for implementing innovative approaches to urban living in AIA Seattle’s Future Shack 2009.

Examples of Projects

  • Urban Canyon - AIA Seattle Future Shack 2010 Award, AIA Seattle Project of the Month 2009
  • Urban Trees - AIA Seattle Future Shack 2009 award
  • Judkins Park House Seattle Area German American School North Bend Yoga Shala

Established: 2000


B9 Architects

610 2nd Avenue Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 297-1284