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Our goal is design excellence. Design excellence is a social act involving a variety of perspectives, experiences, interactions, review, and discussion at every step throughout every discipline in our offices. We specialize in:


Design has the power to influence experiences. We design for the people who will inhabit these spaces – creating a safe, welcoming place for everyone. Our process begins with listening to our clients and deeply exploring the environmental, spatial, and community context that inspire a truly authentic design. The result is a balanced design that engages people with places and provides endless possibilities for discovery. For us, successful outcomes are fresh and enduring; inviting and exploratory, and create a healthier local and global environment.

Interior Design

Our interior designs reinforce and illuminate our architecture, infusing each project with a unique personality that benefits and reflects its users. Our interior designs energize and supplement our historic projects, creatively brand and add character to our civic and cultural projects, and provide ergonomic comfort for students and educators in learning environments. We strive to enhance the user’s experience by creating relevant, vibrant, comfortable, healthy, collaborative, and sustainable environments that reflect the aspirations and guiding principles of each client group. We design durable and maintenance-friendly finishes that reflect a long-term stewardship approach.

Experiential Graphic Design

Forming a strong sense of identity and place is the hallmark of our experiential graphic design. Through wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, branding, and large-scale installations we enhance how buildings are experienced. Inspired by the users and the community of each project, we create vibrant graphics that reveal the unique story of a building and connect people to the built environment. Experiential graphics have the power to weave programming, building design, and interior design together. Each of these services originating from one office gives us a unique insight, resulting in a cohesive, integrated design.

Our Commitment to Healthy Communities

Within all of our projects, we are committed to sustainable design; equity, diversity and inclusion; and trauma-informed design. To accomplish this we:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the community and culture that embodies the project.
  • Engage and listen thoughtfully to stakeholders that have deep roots in the community.
  • Understand historic and present systems of bias and disadvantage in the community.
  • Research the regional and local history and context.
  • Seek input from underrepresented users.
  • Actively seek opinions and critiques from diverse and marginalized members of the community.
  • Dedicate time and focus to exploring design solutions that address equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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