URBANADD Architects


URBANADD’s mission is to provide exemplary design, documentation, and construction guidance to our clients. Our approach to every project is one that balances quality, vision, and utility while striving for simple, elegant aesthetics and honest materiality. We listen intently. We believe the best design solutions are born from a specific program on a specific site for a specific client. Design and construction are hard, but working through these challenges makes us happy, and we want that enthusiasm to flow through us to our clients. Through the design process and creative problem solving, we create structures and spaces that are highly efficient, comfortable, beautiful and long lasting.

Examples of Projects

  • Westland Distillery
  • Hicks Hardy Residence
  • Kohn Residence
  • Kardokus Residence
  • Silver Fir Lodge
  • Scratch Distillery
  • The Estates Tasting Room
  • Borsen
  • Chuckanut Bay Distillery
  • Gevers Cabin

Established: 2008


URBANADD Architects

4250 8th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 2062748020