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UDF: Development That Serves People

Cities are made of people, but the financial power of the established real estate industry makes buildings. The more that these two forces are disconnected, the more that we see gentrification, displacement, and the disruption of the social architecture of a place. Seattle is suffering from this disconnect – established communities are being disrupted due to displacement and space is increasingly unaffordable for many.

The development process that pays the bills of many architects prioritizes profit, but other models of development put people in charge. Seattle’s Africatown operates under a community land trust model that puts development in service of those who live in a place. The Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC) leads with a community-focused architectural practice that highlights the possibilities for architects to be agents of positive change in their communities.

Join us on Wednesday, July 28 for a panel discussion with TraeAnna Holiday of Africatown and Ceara O’Leary of DCDC for a panel discussion as AIA Seattle’s Urban Design Forum explores ways of development that prioritize communities over profit in two cities with similar problems and different pressures.

Click here to view a full recording of the program.

This virtual event is presented by AIA Seattle’s Urban Design Forum with full closed captioning. Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to be contacted regarding specific accommodations in order to fully participate in this program. Contact Member Engagement Manager, Connor Descheemaker, with any questions or concerns.


July 28, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


AIA Seattle
(206) 448-4938