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NWW: 2018 WA State Energy Code – Commercial Highlights Webinar

Join us for this webinar with Lisa Rosenow, Director – Energy Code Services, Evergreen Technology Consulting. This training will provide an overview of various substantive multi-discipline updates in the commercial 2018 WSEC.

Key topics will include:

  • Building enclosure testing – Passing the test is now required!
  • Additional efficiency credit accounting
  • Expanded scope of building occupancies required to have dedicated outside air systems
  • Multi-discipline accommodations to support solar readiness in new construction
  • Overview of the new WSEC commercial compliance documentation webtool – Replaces the Excel worksheets for the 2018 WSEC!

4 LU|HSW // 0.4 ICC CEU
Price: $60 members / $90 non-members / $35 Associate
Date: Thursday, April 8, 2021
Time: 8:30am – 1pm
Intended Audience: Architects and Building Officials, Contractors
Course Level: Intermediate

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This program is presented by AIA Seattle’s Northwest Washington Section. The online program will be presented with full closed captioning. Please note in your registration if you would like to be contacted regarding specific accommodations to fully participate. Contact AIA Seattle Member Engagement Manager, Connor Descheemaker, with specific questions or concerns about registration. Contact Northwest Washington Section Manager, Karen Bacon, with questions about the program or speakers

Learning Objectives:

  • Building enclosure testing and reporting requirements. Summarizes information to include and verify in the project documents and during field inspection, for a successful test.
  • Project types required to comply with additional efficiency credits. Includes how to apply credit accounting to whole building projects and phased shell and core followed initial TI projects.
  • Building occupancies that are required to comply with the DOAS provisions, minimum system performance criteria and exceptions. Includes ventilation effectiveness requirements.
  • Overview of the new multi-discipline solar readiness provisions, including accommodations required by each discipline.
  • General instructions about how to use the new commercial WSEC compliance documentation webtool to demonstrate compliance for envelope assemblies, lighting power and mechanical equipment efficiency.

Bonus Learning Objective 6

  • TSPR Overview


Lisa Rosenow
Director – Energy Code Services
Evergreen Technology Consulting (ETC)

White woman with blonde hair and glasses, smiling, with black sweater over blue shirt

Lisa manages the technical support program for the commercial WA State Energy Code (WSEC). She has been in this role since 2011. Prior to her involvement with the WSEC, she was a mechanical engineering designer for 15 years. Through this combined experience, Lisa offers a balanced perspective and insight into the needs of the design and construction industry for energy code support.

She is an instructor and technical advisor, supporting energy code compliance through advocacy and industry education. She is enthusiastic about the utilization of online tools and resources as an effective means of providing energy code information and has been involved in the development of a new WSEC commercial compliance webtool. She is also involved with energy code development, participating as a voting member of the WSEC Technical Advisory Committee for the 2015, 2018 and upcoming 2021 WSEC.

Lisa has a BSME and is a certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA).


April 8, 2021
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Event Price
Class Credit
4 LU, HSW; 0.4 ICC CEU


AIA Northwest Washington