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Gallery Opening: Innovation Hub (+)

Based on the research from 2014 Travel Scholarship winner Stefan Kaiser, Assoc. AIA

Rapidly expanding high-tech offices in urban areas are challenging local government to create equitable communities amidst increased housing costs and reduced diversity. Density downtown and transit oriented development is the answer. Integrating disparate neighborhoods by providing fast and cheap transportation limits vehicular commuting and reinforces a broader civic identity. Appropriate land use planning and infrastructure construction are two fundamental functions of government. When these services are effectively provided to an in-demand workforce and innovative businesses they complement and enhance their surroundings, such is the case of South Lake Union.

San Francisco, Kansas City and Nairobi each offer unique context on the characteristics of new wealth in evolving communities. Seattle is mediating the concerns of existing residents with the prospect of becoming an international city. The most significant hurdle to sustained progress will be our own reluctance to embrace the change.

On display March 3 – April 30.