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CAP Collaboration Series: The Ever-Changing LED Landscape with Candela, a Stantec Company

Join our Corporate Allied Partner Candela, a Stantec Company, for an hour long Continuing Education class on the ever-changing LED landscape.

Course Description

Never since the beginning of electric lighting have we seen such a rapid change in technology or such rapid acceptance and implementation as we are seeing with LEDs. There is great excitement about the potential energy savings and the reduced frequency of maintenance. Designers and users like the excellent color quality, and ability to dim. They also like the smaller housings and ability to put light in places where it was previously impossible. There are LED products available for virtually every fixture type that would be used on a project and many are as efficient, or more efficient, than their fluorescent or HID counterparts.

In this seminar, we will discuss the state of LEDs today, the rapid changes in LED technology, and the trends we are seeing with LEDs in the built environment. Studies show that LED lighting is not only environmentally-friendly, but can also contribute to health, well-being, alertness, attention, and more. The versatility of LEDs in color and controllability is leading to even more research about what they can do for us besides producing white light. Finally, when considering LEDs, should cost be the primary consideration, or does energy savings, the cost of maintenance over time, and greater controls flexibility add to the value of an LED system?

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize how LEDs are being used today and the rapid changes in this technology.
  • Discuss the trends in LED technology in the built environment.
  • Describe research findings on the positive contributions of LEDs on human health.
  • Identify ways to model cost of LEDs to determine how attractive LEDs are to your facility.  

$10 for AIA Members
$40 for Non-Members
Morning Snacks will be provided! 

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Special thanks to our Corporate Allied Partner: Candela, a Stantec Company, for presenting this class and their partnership!

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June 25, 2015
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Event Price
$10 - $40
Class Credit
1 LU


AIA Seattle
(206) 448-4938