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15-Minutes in Cascadia: A Conversation with Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver City Planners

The 15-Minute City concept originated in Europe but has quickly influenced neighborhood planning and city design across the word. Cascadia is no exception, with the region's large (and small) cities exploring how to develop more complete neighborhoods that put people-centered design at the forefront of land use decisions.

Join us for an exploration of the 15-minute city in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. We’ll be joined by a planner from each city who is working to implement 15-minute city urban planning concepts such as affordability, community, mobility, equity, sustainability, responsiveness, and more.

As Cascadia’s three largest cities work to center their growth around the people who live there, present and future, what are the challenges that each are facing and the opportunities they see ahead?

Seattle will launch its Comprehensive Plan update this fall, and we’ll discuss what can we learn from our Cascadia neighbors about managing growth while increasing livability in our city. We know we will have to become more dense to accommodate population growth; how are Portland and Vancouver providing the amenities that reward denser living? And what can we teach each other about making our cities more fair and just, places where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and those who grew up locally can afford to stay?

This event is part of AIA Seattle’s 15-Minute Seattle: Creating Livable Places for All series. 

15-Minutes in Cascadia

Tuesday, June 29 | 4:00 – 5:30 pm PT | Online


David Goldberg | Chair | Land Use & Transportation Committee, Seattle Planning Commission

Neil Hrushowy | Assistant Director, Community Planning | Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability | City of Vancouver

Michael Hubner | Long Range Planning Manager | Office of Planning and Community Development | City of Seattle

Joe Zehnder | Chief Planner | Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability | City of Portland

Contact Kirsten Smith, Manager of Policy and Advocacy at AIA Seattle


June 29, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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