Climate Partner: Shift Zero

Shift Zero was established in 2017—AIA was a founding member—to create a single platform for organizations working to address climate policy related to the built environment.

Its aim is to form a collective voice to advocate on behalf of zero net carbon buildings; inform policy solutions; and educate policymakers at all levels of government. Shift Zero’s diverse membership of local, regional and statewide organizations unites a powerful array of green building platforms, educational resources, and incentives that can be used to improve the sustainability of the built environment.

By working together and focusing on initiatives that are ambitious, scalable, equitable, and quantifiable, Shift Zero works to achieve a zero net carbon built environment that will transform Washington’s carbon footprint in communities across the state.

Shift Zero has a number of task forces working to support its policy goals.  AIAmembers are welcome to participate in these or other Shift Zero efforts. Task forces include:

  • Zero Net Carbon Policy Toolkit for local governments
  • Building Electrification
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy and Resilience (PACER) Financing
  • Energy Performance Disclosure at Point of Sale
  • 20 by 2020 Building Challenge

More info on these initiatives may be found here.