Announcing the 2019 Travel Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Jaclyn Hensy Assoc. AIA and Tristan Walker Assoc. AIA, the 2019 recipients of AIA Seattle's Emerging Professionals Travel Scholarship, for their proposal, "Proactive Practice."

Most often, architecture begins with an invitation. Architects are selected by clients, who define the parameters and ambitions of the work. We inhabit a world largely built within this model, but what happens when architects are the ones who initiate work?

As this year’s recipients of AIA Seattle’s Emerging Professionals Travel Scholarship, Jaclyn and Tristan will investigate architects who saw unmet needs, opportunities, or room for exploration, and decided to take action. Their proposal, “Proactive Practice,” seeks to understand the different processes architects can utilize to realize potentialities in a project, beyond an invitation from a traditional client. During this research, Jaclyn and Tristan will examine a variety of methods applied across a range of scales, from crowdfunded starter homes to self-developed neighborhood interventions, and from wild conceptual explorations to the reconstruction of a destroyed city.

Jaclyn and Tristan will travel to New Orleans, Boston, Mexico, and Chile to document the novel approaches used by architects to bring projects of consequence into the world. Upon the completion of their travels, they will share lessons learned from architects abroad alongside Seattle architects crafting their own processes. What potential exists within architecture when architects empower themselves?

If you know of architects practicing in ways that align with this proposal, or if you are a design professional in Seattle and believe your work is relevant to the topic, the recipients would like to engage with you! Please reach out to

Jaclyn Hensy Assoc. AIAJaclyn Hensy Assoc. AIA is an architectural designer at Robert Hutchison Architecture. Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas. She recently led the development of models, drawings, and installations for RHA’s solo exhibition entitled “MEMORY HOUSES: Nine Allegorical Works of Architecture” at Gallery 4Culture in May of 2018. Previously, Jaclyn held positions at design offices in New York and Seattle. Since 2014, she continues to collaborate with W. Mark Gunderson, a sole practitioner based in Fort Worth. Jaclyn is interested in building as a result of life, architecture as a process of critical reflection, and what can be documented of the ephemeral.


Tristan Walker Assoc. AIA is a designer at the Miller Hull Partnership. His recent professional work has included United States Embassies in Central America and North Africa, as well as progressive education institutions in Seattle. Bringing architectural and organizational form to values and respecting the dignity of people and places is central to his current work. He contributes to Robert Hutchison’s Memory House project, bringing visualization to architectural forms and memories. Tristan received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas. He is curious about the patterns, perceptions, and cultures of humans, and in design’s ability to speak to us through these channels.


Jaclyn and Tristan will be recognized, along with our 2019 Fellows and Honorees, at the President’s Dinner, hosted by AIA Seattle on Saturday June 15.

AIA Seattle’s Emerging Professionals Travel Scholarship seeks to expand the experience and leadership opportunities of young professionals, encourage cross-cultural dialogue in the profession, and share knowledge from architecture practice around the globe with members in the Puget Sound. Through a $5,000 grant, the scholarship supports travel for the purposes of research.

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