Submit your project for AIA Seattle’s ADU Tour!

AIA Seattle’s Housing Task Force is organizing a tour of built DADUs and AADUs in Seattle on June 15, 2019, 11am - 4pm.

The purpose of the tour is to showcase innovative designs and offer examples to the public of what DADUs/AADUs can look like in Seattle.

If you have a built project that you would like to submit for consideration and that meets all of the below criteria, please complete the Submission Form and return to Kirsten Smith, AIA Seattle, by May 15, 2019 (deadline extended).


Projects must be designed by an AIA Member and be located within the Seattle city limits.

Submittal Requirements

  • Architect’s name
  • Contractor’s name
  • One- or two-page description that includes photos, plan, and diagram of the site plan
  • Description of design challenges and criteria (e.g. built for extended family, rental income, aging-in-place and accessible design, small-space design strategies, off-street parking solutions, tree preservation)
  • Square footage (include lofts; can be descriptive like 200SF garage, 400SF Living + 100SF loft)
  • Construction hard costs (can be approximate if owner does not want to be exact, like over $500/SF or over $400,000)
  • Date of construction

Tour Requirements

  • The owner must be willing to sign a waiver of liability form prior to the tour.
  • A knowledgeable person must be on site during all tour hours to answer visitor questions.
  • On the day of the tour, on-site representatives must ensure that site visitors have signed the official tour waiver (signers will have wristbands) or, if not, ensure that new visitors sign the form and receive wristbands.