Why did you join AIA Seattle?

Returned from some time away in Chicago, and joining AIA-Seattle was a natural way to re-engage in the local professional community.

What is the value of AIA to you?

I appreciate the public outreach and engagement in promoting the value of thoughtful architecture and urban design.

What relationships have you created?

Widely expanded my professional and personal network.

What project are you working on now?

A resident-developed cohousing community and mixed-use building on Capitol Hill.

How do you explain what you do for a living?

I collaborate with skilled individuals and teams to find design solutions… some of which get built.

What inspired you today?

Being in a room with an appreciative client and design team.

Has your career taken you anywhere you didn’t expect?

Co-founding and leading an office of 17 talented members.

Where is the field of architecture, engineering or construction headed?

Big firms are getting enormous, smaller firms will thrive by offering thoughtful hyper-local, holistic response to context and client.

Can design save the world?

We need to slow down to better understand what the world really needs, but yes, attentive design thinking is central.

What do you hope to contribute from your work?

A stronger sense of community at the neighborhood scale; greater resiliency to personal and environmental strain.

What is your favorite Seattle-area structure?

The Olympic Sculpture Park (the integration of long-span structure and landscape).

If you could sum up your outlook on life in a bumper sticker, what would it say?

“I’d rather be stuck on a café table than a car”