2021-22 Board of Directors

AIA Seattle is a member-led organization that depends on volunteer leadership and initiative. We are deeply grateful for the enormous energy and effort our board members and other volunteer leaders devote to our organization.

AIA Seattle’s Board Nominating Committee is pleased to present this slate of accomplished members to fill open seats on our Board of Directors beginning September 1, 2021.  All AIA and Associate AIA members were eligible to vote. Votes are yes or no for each nominee, and write-in votes are allowed. Voting by at least 10% of the membership is required to validate an election.

Voting closed on June 15, 2021


Heather Skeehan AIA – President-Elect
Member since: 2014 | Pronouns: She/Her

Through working in the architecture (ZGF), construction (GLY), and now owner/developer (citizenM) sides of the industry, leading teams and developing a diverse array of projects, I have learned an approach to projects that focuses on: identifying shared values and goals; deep collaboration and empathy; and use of tools to embed and support the use of diverse data that can be used throughout the life of a building.

I went to Tulane School of Architecture and was a member of the inaugural Tulane URBANbuild teams. In addition to the AIA Seattle Board, I am on the advisory board for the Tombolo Institute at Bellevue College. I have served on the board of the Washington Ensemble Theater and been a member of the Swedish Standing Advisory Committee. I regularly present to industry groups and participate in panel discussions of topics driving the industry.

More than anything, I am passionate about food.

Statement of Interest: The way buildings come to be is technically complicated, involves a diverse array of individuals, and is often behind other fields in the adaptation of technologies and cultural attitudes that shape high-performing/high-profiting teams in other industries.
As the industry continues to diversify and buildings continue to become more complicated, the importance of coming back to the shared goals and values of a project & the built environment is increasingly important, as is leaning on and helping guide the expertise of the broad team (the designers, the architects, the project managers, the builders, the engineers, the inspectors, the client, the users, and the surrounding community). As the impact of the built environment on communities and the climate is increasingly clarified, the role of the architect is expanding to encompass responsibilities and skills that may not have been previously considered but which we, as a profession, are excited and willing to learn and embrace.

Michelle Hill AIA – Secretary
Member since: 2006 | Pronouns: She/Her

Michele is an Architect at Broderick Architects, with over 12 years of experience in architecture and urban planning. Her work is varied among institutional, commercial, ecclesiastical, and residential projects, with expertise in early learning centers and projects with complex land use or code issues. A consistent thread throughout her work is an emphasis on beautiful and functional spaces that improve people’s daily lives. Within AIA Seattle, Michele is active in the Women in Design committee and currently serves in appointed positions on the Membership Steering Committee, Member Advancement Steering Committee, and JE:DI Task Force. Michele holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech, with minors in public & urban affairs and French, and a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Washington, with an environmental planning specialization. Outside of work, you can find Michele exploring the Pacific Northwest on foot or by sailboat.

Statement of Interest: AIA Seattle has placed itself at the forefront of AIA and the architecture field as a leader in responding to climate change and, more recently, in addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our profession. The visionary work that has elevated our chapter as a national leader is due to the collaborative efforts of our members, AIA Seattle staff, and the Board of Directors. I look forward to continuing this legacy of leadership as we remain focused on addressing today’s wicked problems. I am particularly excited about the concrete steps we are taking toward becoming a truly inclusive profession, enriched and empowered by the diverse voices we contain and we serve.

Heather Pogue AIA – Dev Com
Member since: 2008 | Pronouns: She/Her

Heather Pogue is the lead designer and Registered Architect behind Jeunesse Architects. Having worked on almost all project types over her career, Heather found that custom homes and small retail & restaurant spaces were where she could offer the most value, working closely with the project team and designing both interior and exterior environments from a more holistic approach. She delights in finding solutions that are as beautiful as they are budget conscientious, finding ways to manipulate materials into textures, and understanding architecture as an ever-evolving space made living by the people who activate it. Having also participated in every stage of the architectural process over the years, Heather knows that each piece matters to make an overall successful project. That rigor extends into her practice: listening, providing insight, and delighting in the collaboration. With clear communication from the start and a detailed eye through the final days of construction, she founded Jeunesse Architects with client advocacy, quality service, and design rigor in mind.

In addition to architecture, she is a published writer, podcast developer, and former college-radio DJ. She lives and works in Seattle and can be found cross country skiing or mountain biking in the Methow Valley and volunteering as a Garden Steward with the Washington Park Arboretum.

Statement of Interest: There are two intentional reasons why I joined AIA. As a member, to be engaged through thoughtful programming and as an architect, to find abundant resources. I was in Austin at the time of my early career and AIA had pulled me in with its zeal to serve the community. They ran the hippest homes tour every year, screened the indie architecture films when they came to town, and engaged the public as much as the architects. Most importantly, they actively listened to what the architects were seeking and used agility to find the answers, and adjusted programming to meet those needs. This kept their position of relevancy to the members they were serving. I found that time to be rewarding and thrilling because I was always looking to AIA Austin for ways to be inspired and ways to have a more successful career.

I became interested in serving on the board in Seattle to provide the same to others what I found early in my Austin career as an emerging architect. I see AIA Seattle as a place to knit that kind of community, mingling architects with the public to spread the audience we reach, and serving the members’ needs with agility and relevancy. I would like to make use of my position on the board to give back to others what I received during those early days of my career, to find ways to provide sources for community, connection, and encouragement to those we serve.

Marijana Misic AIA – Mem Com
Member since: 2013 | Pronouns: She/Her

A native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marijana (pronounced Mariyana) Misic has moved to Seattle in 2001 in her pursuit of BA in Architecture at the University of Washington. Her current career focus at Mahlum is on higher education projects, specifically student housing. The majority of her career has previously revolved around mixed-use urban developments. With the understanding of the importance a built environment has on one’s well-being, Marijana strives to bring thoughtful design closer to the everyday user. She believes that smart growth and strong communities create better and more livable cities.

Marijana has been a licensed architect in the State of Washington since 2013. In 2017 she has received the AIA Seattle Young Architect Award. She has been an active member of AIA Diversity Roundtable since 2015, and its co-chair from 2018-2020. With a few of her esteemed committee members, she is currently championing DRT’s collaboration with Sawhorse Revolution through mentoring youth about architecture, and stewarding youth envisioned designs towards built projects.

When not “architecting around,” Marijana enjoys coffee, reading, biking, and skiing.

Statement of Interest: Through my active participation in AIA Seattle’s Diversity Roundtable committee for the past 6 years, I learned to appreciate the importance of amplifying diverse perspectives within our profession. With my personal investment in this goal, as well as experience as co-chair of the Diversity Roundtable committee, I believe I can be an asset to the AIA Seattle Board of Directors, specifically to Membership Steering Committee. I strongly believe in members shaping the future of our AIA chapter and am excited for the opportunity to serve and channel our members input towards that future.

Matt Hutchins AIA – PPB
Member since: 2007 | Pronouns: He/Him

As a founder of CAST architecture, Matt has spent more than twenty years working to increase the vitality of cities and protect the environment. Through his design and policy work, Matt is an advocate for better density, abundant housing options, vibrant urban spaces, open space, and sustainable building. 

Matt is a Seattle Planning Commissioner and former Design Review Board Member. For AIA Seattle he has served on the Housing Task Force, Residential Design Forum, and Public Policy Board, and was honored as Volunteer of the Year in 2020. He co-founded the grassroots group MOAR (More Options for Accessory Residences) to support zoning reform for accessory dwellings in Seattle. In 2019, he was named one of 35 Most Influential People by Seattle Magazine. He received a Master of Architecture from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado. He is a Certified Passive House Designer.

Statement of Interest: Architects have a unique ability to look at the world and visualize how it could be. Today, we’re faced with deep challenges around housing affordability, climate change, and systemic racism, and as architects, we have a responsibility to use our insight and vision to project persuasive solutions and ultimately build resilient, connected, sustainable communities. As a Director, I would work to create opportunities for architects to leverage their experience, knowledge, and vision to serve our common good.

Nicole DeNamur – Finance
Member since: 2019 | Pronouns: She/Her

I grew up in rural Wisconsin, had the opportunity to study at BioSphere 2, and graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. Through these experiences, I gained a deep appreciation and reverence for our natural world, which directly translates into my work.

I began my career as a construction and insurance coverage attorney, practicing law for more than a decade in the Seattle area. During this time, I learned how construction projects succeed – and how they fail, and how contractual, legal, and regulatory frameworks can impact project success. In 2020, I saw the opportunity to leverage this experience to effect greater change and launched my own consulting company – Sustainable Strategies.

I am a LEED Green Associate, WELL AP and Faculty, Fitwel Ambassador, and EcoDistricts AP. I am also a proud Affiliate Instructor at the University of Washington, Department of Real Estate, where I teach my course, Risk and Reward in Sustainable Development. Teaching is an incredibly rewarding experience, and I learn so much from my students.

I believe that sustainable spaces should be inclusive and accessible, and I am passionate about empowering communities to advocate for healthier spaces to live, learn and work. Much of my work focuses on creating safe and collaborative spaces and uniting diverse groups to mitigate climate change through the built environment.

Statement of Interest:

I am interested in serving on the AIA Seattle Board of Directors because it presents the opportunity to support an industry and an organization that is positioned to drive real change. I have truly enjoyed co-chairing the Professional Practice Steering Committee, and look forward to applying the skills I learned, and the relationships I built in that role, to a leadership position with the Board.

The design community, and related industries, play a significant and important role in shaping our communities. I believe that diverse perspectives, and collaboration across industries, are some of the keys to solving big challenges like climate change. I want to lend my personal and professional perspective to this role, and the Board’s work. I also know how much representation matters and I would bring my whole self to Board service. As an organization, I believe AIA Seattle should be working on driving deeper and broader equity through the built environment. And while I recognize and appreciate that as an organization the AIA has already prioritized this work, I know that there is a long way to go and a lot of work to be done – I look forward to diving even deeper into this work.

I want to be an active voice in this critical dialogue, even if these conversations are uncomfortable or awkward at times. Equally important, I look forward to actively listening and learning from my peers.

Cory Hitzemann – Dev Com
Member since: 2003 | Pronouns: He/Him

Cory has spent his entire 20+ year career with Coughlin Porter Lundeen designing structures throughout Puget Sound. He has extensive experience with education, office, residential, and civic facilities, with particular expertise with steel and mass timber. As a longtime supporter of the sustainable design movement, he also enjoys existing building renovations where a structure’s valuable embodied carbon can be preserved for decades to come.

Statement of Interest: As a longtime AIA Allied Partner, my career has benefitted from the program offerings and networking opportunities AIA provides. Joining the board would allow me the chance to give back and help AIA Seattle to continue to thrive and play an active role in the region. Engaging younger members and the community at large are things AIA Seattle should continue to focus on as the region continues to grow and evolve.