Congratulations to Volunteer & Committee Award Winners!

AIA Seattle's Volunteer Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate attributes of an emerging leader, poised for significant contribution and accomplishment through their work, community service, and/or active participation in AIA Seattle programs and committees. The Committee Award recognizes and honors a group of AIA Seattle volunteers who has made an outstanding contribution to the organization.

This year we recognize the Diversity Roundtable co-chairs Meredith Everist AIA, Margaret Knight AIA, Susan Frieson AIA  (top, left to right), and Vicki Ha AIA, Phillip Tomlinson AIA, and Jason Williard AIA (bottom, left to right).

Design in Public Volunteer Award: Vicki Ha AIA

New this year, Design in Public would like to recognize Vicki Ha, 2017 Seattle Design Festival Chair with the Volunteer Award. Throughout the planning and execution of the Design Festival Vicki worked to inform and inspire a wide variety of voices within our community to participate and engage with Design in Public. During the Festival, Vicki was always willing to be a welcoming voice of DiP at Festival events and beyond. Her leadership, passion for the mission and unfettering ambassadorship were a valuable contribution to the Festival and to our community.

Volunteer Award WinnerPhillip Tomlinson AIA
Though relatively new to AIA Seattle, Phillip Tomlinson has been a wonderful addition to our community. Over the past, Phillip immediately dove into his work with the Honor Awards committee, becoming an integral member of the team. He was also critical to the completion of the Center Gallery Manual, creating in-depth dimension diagrams and renderings which has contributed to the success of our gallery exhibits. His positive attitude, hard work, and dedication exemplify AIA Seattle values and his service has been invaluable.

Volunteer Award WinnerJason Williard AIA
The second Volunteer Award goes to Jason Williard AIA. Jason is a member of the AIA Northwest Washington (NWWA) Section Steering Committee, and has been an exemplary leader during the period of transition. Within his firm, he has been a strong advocate for AIA Seattle and encourages colleagues to attend events and participate in our professional community. Jason, almost single-handedly, organized and managed the AIA NWWA and AGC Golf Tournament. His support and guidance has been critical to the success of the new NWWA Section.


Committee Award WinnerDiversity Roundtable, Co-Chairs Meredith Everist AIA, Susan Frieson AIA, and Margaret Knight AIA

This year’s Committee Award goes to the Diversity Roundtable. Through the invigorating leadership of the co-chairs, the Diversity Roundtable has exceeded their goals to attract, retain and empower individuals of underrepresented backgrounds in the profession. Because of their exemplary work in the Architects in Schools program, the Diversity Roundtable received the K-8 Architecture & Design Education Grant from The Architects Foundation and Armstrong World Industries Foundation so they can continue to shape the next generation of designers. Celebrating 30 years in 2017, the Summer Solstice honored the past, present, and future of the architecture community, with presentations from Doug Streeter, Diversity by Design exhibitors, and the students from the Architects in Schools program. The committee has been revitalized through valuable programming, such as Breakfast with Zena Howard, and networking opportunities, including aiding in the efforts to re-launch the local chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects. AIA Seattle is incredibly proud of all that the Diversity Roundtable has achieved and we look forward to their continued excellent work in the next year.

Committee Members:

  • Meredith Everist AIA, (Co-Chair)
  • Susan Frieson AIA, (Co-Chair)
  • Margaret Knight AIA, (Co-Chair)
  • Marijana Cvencek AIA
  • Rico Quirindongo AIA
  • Whitney Lewis Assoc. AIA
  • Donald King FAIA
  • Marga Rose Hancock
  • Lisa Morgenroth
  • Richard Murray
  • Fabiola Vargas Assoc. AIA
  • Suzette Hebron Assoc. AIA
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Kashata Davis
  • Lavina Wadhwani AIA
  • Alex Rolluda AIA
  • Crystal Day AIA
  • Emily Perchlik AIA
  • Joann Ware AIA
  • Kun Lim Assoc. AIA
  • Ross Parker AIA
  • Shibani Kulkarni
  • Leon Holloway
  • Caroline Myers

Thank you all for your incredible work and high level of leadership and involvement with AIA Seattle! 

Join us January 25, 2018 to celebrate the Award Winners at the Annual Member Parti!