Long-Range Facilities Planner (Facilities Senior Planner)

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  • Olympia, Washington
  • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Dec 5, 2022

WA State Dept. of Enterprise Services

Long-Range Facilities Planner
(Facilities Senior Planner)

Who we are:
The Department of Enterprise Services’ (DES) mission is “strengthening the business of government.” DES does this through its vision of delivering high quality, cost effective support services, policy and governance to state government and other public entities so they can focus on their core missions. DES’s goals are to offer expertise in facilities & capitol grounds management, acquisitions, training & support, and various shared services. We relentlessly pursue our strategic drivers: satisfied customers, a healthy team culture and a financially healthy organization. We value Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We seek new team members who share our commitment to be an equity-driven and antiracist organization. We listen to customers and team members to understand what they need and expect. We promote creativity, learning and improvement to meet those needs and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We measure our results and seek feedback to improve our performance.

What you will be doing: 
The Department of Enterprise Services leads the stewardship, preservation, operation, and maintenance of the public and historic facilities of the state capitol management for care and management and ongoing development of a historic preservation and cultural resources program.

As part of the Planning and Project Delivery Program (PPD), the Long-Range Facilities Planner is responsible for reviewing, developing and implementing comprehensive long-range plans and other strategic plans for the state capitol campus and other DES managed properties. You will work closely with internal and external stakeholders and special-interest groups, including representatives from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state; federal, local and tribal government; DES Executive Management; state, regional, and local commissions and boards; elected state and local officials; consultant teams and the general public. You will prepare decision packages and operating and capital budget requests to meet the state’s short and long-term needs. You may also be called upon to perform other facilities-related planning and technical assignments, which may be necessary, for the stewardship of the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed properties.

Some of what you will enjoy doing:
Long-Range Facility Planning and implementation:

  • Develops and implements long-range operational and capital plans relating to facilities, building systems, and assets throughout the state capitol campus and at other DES-managed facilities.
  • Assists in the development of the Comprehensive Plan, 10-Year Capital Plan, and various other strategic and tactical implementation plans for the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed facilities as an active member of the PPD Planning team.
  • Works collaboratively with a wide variety of stakeholders to establish a common vision, and its related goals, objectives and performance metrics for the on-going management, preservation, redevelopment, and future development of the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed facilities.
  • Formulates recommendations for campus-wide facility-related policies, practices and standards to address existing and emerging issues, accommodate state growth, and protect state resources for buildings and properties managed by DES, including the State Capitol Campus.
  • Conducts periodic site visits and inspection of facilities and grounds located on the State Capitol Campus and at other DES-managed facilities.
  • Prepares conceptual planning-level scopes of work, work schedules, and cost estimates for planning, construction and maintenance related programmatic activities and projects.
  • Collects and manages pertinent campus-wide planning data (including facility and space utilization and needs, transportation/parking, utilities, environmental, etc.), and provides planning analyses of such data to understand state growth and use trends.
  • Works collaboratively with DES’ Building & Grounds team to review work order requests for building improvements and alterations to ensure consistency with the
  • Comprehensive Plan, 10-Year Capital Plan, and various other implementation plans prepared for the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed properties.
  • Works collaboratively with DES’ Planning and Project Delivery project managers during the preparation of predesigns, design plans, and project-specific reports, documents, and other studies to ensure consistency with established long-range plans, reports and studies prepared for the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed properties.
  • Assist the Project Delivery Team with state and local permitting and other project-specific approvals.
  • Provides recommendations on biennial operating and capital biennial budget requests to identify major capital and minor works preservation and programmatic projects for buildings and their systems on the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed properties according to OFM guidelines and instructions.
  • Perform concurrency review and prepares agency recommendations, technical assessments, and reports relating to local and regional long-range plans, studies or reports developed by the Cities of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater; Thurston County, Thurston Regional Planning Council, Intercity Transit, LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Port of Olympia, and other federal, state and local agencies.
  • Prepares and manages Interagency Agreements (IAAs) and professional consulting contracts for various planning projects and assignments.
  • Monitors performance and ensures compliance with all contractual terms and conditions by all parties for facility-related contracts, including master contracts, service or convenience contracts and other forms of contracts assigned to this position.
  • Ensures all lease agreements of DES-managed facilities are current and revised as needed, and may be called to work closely with the Office of the Attorney General to develop standard and non-standard lease terms and conditions.


Financial, Budget, and Administrative Activities:

  • Assists in the development of a wide range of agency-wide, departmental, administrative and planning procedures and practices.
  • Assists the Planning and Project Delivery- Assistant Program Manager, PPD Program Manager and Finance division with the preparation, review, and submittal of agency decision packages, biennial capital and operating budget requests, and fiscal expenditures/budget reports, and legislative reports and documentation.
  • Provides oversight, administers and controls the efforts of assigned staff and professional consulting firms for various planning projects including comprehensive and master plans, reports, studies, predesign studies, historic structure reports, and other specialized studies for the State Capitol Campus and other DES-managed facilities
  • Assists assigned project managers and professional consultants in the development of, and with the monitoring of, defined scopes of work, delivery schedules, and cost estimates for major capital and minor works projects, and contracted maintenance-related activities.
  • Provides guidance to the B&G property managers in the development and implementation of comprehensive asset-level business plans and other operational spending plans to ensure consistency and compliance with the 2006 Master Plan, 10-Year Operating and Capital Plans, and other strategic and tactical implementation plans.
  • Works collaboratively with DES’ Finance Services division to perform investment analysis for planned capital projects and assists in the preparation of documents and instruments relating to long-term debt financing (including capital or special purpose bonds, certificates of participation (COPs) or alternative funding of capital projects).

Service Contract Development and Management

  • Works collaboratively with the B&G Property Management and Contracts & Procurement divisions to identify the need for master or service contracts, and works collaboratively to define scopes of work, performance schedules, and fee schedules to meet the facility service needs of the agency.
  • Actively manages and provides oversight of long-term service contracts and related task orders by verifying scopes of work are performed in a timely manner and contractual provisions are adhered to by both parties working collaboratively with B&G’s Property Managers,


Required Qualifications: 

  • A Bachelor’s degree involving major study in architecture, business or public administration, property or land management, or closely related field; AND
  • Four (4) years of professional experience in government facilities planning or in related field in private industry.

**Note: Additional qualifying experience may be substituted, year for year, for education at the agency’s discretion.

This position must possess a working knowledge of the following:

  • Theories, principles, and practices of facility management, building system operations, and facility planning techniques, data collection and trend analysis, laws, policies, standards and practices.
  • Fundamentals of asset and facility management.
  • Government organization and administrative structures at the federal, state and local levels.
  • State Public Works Laws and other regulations concerning building construction and use of facilities.
  • State and local building codes and related standards.
  • Leadership principles and skills necessary for employee supervision.
  • Customer relations and stakeholder engagement.

This position must have the ability to:

  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships within DES, and with tribal, federal, state, regional and local elected officials and staff representatives, stakeholder groups, special interest groups, and members of the public.
  • Develop an understanding and working knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to asset and facility management.
  • Accept responsibility for programmatic and project-related activities and related consequences.
  • Interpret and apply DES policies and practices.
  • Develop short and long-range work plans and planning processes.
  • Think conceptually and draw logical conclusions.
  • Observe and interpret trends and analyze data.
  • Identify and maintain positive, effective working relationships with tribal, state, regional and local officials.
  • Address large groups and write effectively.
  • Supervise assigned planning staff and effectively manage multi-disciplinary professional internal and external work groups and teams.

Preferred Qualifications:
This position should have a working knowledge of the following:

  • Public agency and private industry standards and practices.
  • Capital budget experience and knowledge of the OFM’s budget instructions and related process.
  • Experience and knowledge of Asset management, to include maintenance and financial management planning processes and strategies.
  • Competency in reviewing architectural, engineering, and landscaping plans, maps, drawings, and details using GIS analytical and computer-aided-design (REVIT, AutoCAD, and Bluebeam), and facility management (CMMS) software.
  • Management of environmental records and materials associated with planning projects to provide information to technicians, planners, government officials, and the public.
  • Procurement of government goods and services, including direct experience with applicable state rules and regulations.
    General requirements for working with and preserving public and historic state-owned lands, buildings, and other resources.