Project Architect/Design Manager

  • Full Time
  • Seattle, WA
  • Posted 3 weeks ago

Dana Webber Design Group

We are looking for an architect with excellent graphic communication skills! The ideal candidate will have the role of project architect concurrent with managing design communication in the office.

We are a small, growing firm. We value flexibility, self-sufficiency and collaboration. Our trademark is our ability to listen to our clients and reflect to them our understanding of their needs. We work on a range of mid-size project types including multi-family residential, mixed-use commercial, memory care and independent living facilities, retail, office and select residential projects.

This position is a dual-role. They will function as project architect responsible for all phases of their own project work. They will also create a system of project management, design standards and software that will be used throughout the office. We offer flexibility and autonomy. The architect will self-manage their time and workflow and they will instigate their own collaboration within our studio.

We are looking for an experienced Design Manager with:

  • Graphic cognizance to create and implement a system of graphic communication standards for the firm.
  • The ability to enable our team to create design presentations that reflect the character of each client.
  • An excellent understanding of graphic standards for communication in construction drawings.
  • The ability to show a high level of discipline in organization skills.
  • Expert knowledge of design, drafting, and presentation software.

We are looking for an experienced Project Architect with:

  • Design skills that promote well-being, show sensitivity, and understanding of spatial experience.
  • Production work in all phases of architectural design from schematic design through construction administration.
  • Ability to navigate the permitting process in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Flexibility to work autonomously and collaboratively, as needed.
  • Willingness to seek approaches to problem-solving that may be unique and unprecedented.

Specific requirements:

Professional Degree in Architecture (B. Arch or M. Arch) from an accredited university in the United States.
Minimum of 7 years’ experience on mid-sized projects of all construction types.
Proficiency in software for CAD drafting, design and graphics. (May include AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, InDesign, Photoshop, SketchUp)
Excellent computer skills
Licensure or on-track to licensure encouraged, but not required.
LEED or other certifications encouraged but not required.
To apply, please submit information following:

Resume and cover letter
Photos of completed work. Please describe applicant’s exact role on each project that is submitted.
Samples of design presentations. Please describe applicant’s exact role on each project.
Samples of construction documents that were produced by applicant.
Samples of work showing graphics and management standards produced by applicant.
If applicable, send a link to a website showing your work
Please do not include student work. We will evaluate applicant’s work completed within a design firm with actual clients and budgets. Do not submit applications for intern work. We are not hiring interns at this time. We are an equal-opportunity employer who values diversity of race, gender, ideas, culture, identity, and most of all— design!

Submit inquiries to:

Please send us your email address. You will be sent a Dropbox link to upload your documentation. Please do not email your documents to us.