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Carrier Johnson

1.    Small to Medium projects will be documented by a Level 3 PA.  So they need 5-8 years of experience doing technical documentation of Residential, Commercial, or Institutional Architectural or Interiors projects.

2.    If coming into CJ as a new employee, show good experience preparing complete technical documents for past design firm.  For PA’s grown from within CJ, this level of PA should have worked under a strong PA (Level 1 if possible) on least 2-3 projects as a job caption or reviteer.   This entry level PA needs active mentoring from a Level 1 PA and our QA manager during the course of the project.  They should also be paired with a senior PM for their first few projects.

3.    Code conformance skill may need to be developed by this PA through mentoring or the use of an outside code consultant.  Learning code intent as well as understanding specific code language is required.  Staying up with all types of Code updates, and recent interpretations by governing agencies is extremely important for a PA.

4.    Understanding of how long production tasks should take to be completed will likely need to be developed on the job.  The PM will need to make sure that team staff gets their work done efficiently (PA needs to learn by example).  A level 3 PA may need to learn the level of technical effort and timeline needed for superior documentation.

5.    Level PA should be able to cartoon out the technical document deliverables (PM may need to mentor here) can calculate cost effective fees with PA’s assistance.  The cartoon set is also used to show their staff the needed level of documents and effort needed during DD, CD, and CA phases.

6.    Previous experience with the same project type as they now be asked to technically document is a key requirement for a Level 3 PA to have.  They will need to learn how to coordinate the consultant system design with CJ design intent from PM.

7.    Personality wise, this person has to be someone that is a self-starter willing to put extra effort into the project.  With PM’s help, they also need to learn how to gain the client’s trust and solve coordination issues as they arise.

8.    Active mentoring of younger design team members is a trait that this PA should develop.

9.    This person needs to learn from PM/QA manager and consultants about what alternative systems are out there, and what the technical risks are for each.  As the technical team leader, this level of PA needs to have strong consultant team member paired with them so they can learn what good system coordination takes.

10.  Be committed to improving the CJ design process by pursuing continuing education opportunities that are technical in nature.

11.  Be technically oriented and have the ability to set example for younger teammates.  Learn the value of holding regular team meetings from PM so that all team members stay aware of each other’s progress and can offer suggestions on solving particular problems.

12.  Have a keen interest in developing materials knowledge, and detailing by attending every vendor lunch & learn possible (minimum of 15-20 per year should be goal).  This person will need to learn more on the current project and constantly seek knowledge from senior firm leaders and the industry.

13.  Be willing to offer their best effort at all times.  This level of PA will need to be focused on one project at a time.  They need to admit when overloaded so that their project does not suffer from a lack of needed knowledge.

14.  This person must also want to develop a broad knowledge of CJ’s activities and culture.  They need to be a licensed Architect to use this title which also shows their personal commitment to accomplishing difficult tasks.

15.  This person should get involved with a local/regional technical standards group (Code interpretation class for example) that is design/construction related.



1.    Auto-Cad program – have a strong level of proficiency so detailing can be done that is not appropriate to do in REVIT.  Also need to convert back and forth between REVIT and AutoCad so files of other consultants that are not 3D can be coordinated.

2.    REVIT program – should have a high level of skill to apply to the project.  Developing BIM coordinator skills should be a key goal for professional growth.

3.    MS Word document creation and writing skills.  They will need to learn effective specification writing by being mentored by CJ QA manager.

4.    MS Excel spreadsheet document creation and editing skills are valuable to have/learn.  Code analysis, simple scheduling and data calculations can all be done more efficiently with spreadsheet knowledge.

5.    Data filing system expertise – need to learn how to store immense amounts of information that range in content and detail.  Active mentoring by PM and CJ Specs/QA leader should be sought out by PA.

6.    Math skills – have strong knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, and basic algebra formulas.  Will be looking at and creating many documents that rely on good math knowledge.

7.    Public Speaking/ Leadership training should be encouraged by CJ admin for this level of PA.

8.    Sustainability knowledge will be more important every day – Cal Green knowledge critical.  Knowledge about materials (thermal properties and embodied energy costs to produce), and building systems (especially HVAC & lighting) In terms of energy efficiency is valuable. LEED AP accreditation should be a goal.

9.    Specifications – learn how to edit master sections.  Develop their knowledge of products to understand specification quality liability risks.  Need to know how to write specs on a non-proprietary basis with assistance from CJ Specs/QA leader.

10.  System coordination and detailing experience – learn how judge technical documentation progress, and what level of completeness is needed for this project type.  Learn how to identify the impact of one material or system on the others that it needs to be integrated with.

11.  Construction cost estimating – learn from PM how to review cost estimates and how to adjust CJ  and consultant design approach to keep project on budget.  Grow their ability to do effective value engineering with assistance from PM/Senior Designer.