Finch Design & Production

Finch Design & Production is a small firm, led by principle Andrew Finch, focusing on custom residential and small commercial projects, including remodels, additions, and new construction both large and small. Projects begin with a belief the architecture must follow the lifestyle of each client. Working closely with clients, Andrew has a passion for using form, materials, and detailing to reflect their unique program and create both intimate and dramatic spaces.

A number of our projects have been designed and built for sites featuring environmentally critical areas such as steep slopes as well as along waterfronts. Along with any challenges presented we carefully consider the sense of place in the design and capture the distinctive characteristics of either urban or rural sites throughout the Northwest.

Examples of Projects

  • Sky House -
  • Beach House -
  • Bluff House -

Established: 2002


Finch Design & Production

5927 Atlas Place SW Seattle, WA 98136

Phone: 206-633-1333