Wilkens Design Studio

Formed in 2005, Wilkens Design Studio is an interdisciplinary Architecture, Interiors and Design firm developing new and renovation projects, installations, and furniture.

Working collaboratively with a range of clients, consultants, project types and locations, we approach each project with an eye to individual needs and desires by putting those at the heart of the solution. Encouraging a dialogue with clients through all aspects of a project fosters a collaborative spirit, and allows each solution to be unique and free from preconceived stylistic conventions at the end, enhancing the lives of its users.

Wilkens Design Studio’s work spans across commercial, historical adaptive re-use, hospitality, and museum projects and includes a range of custom residential projects.

Established: 2005


Wilkens Design Studio

802 6th Ave South Suite 2 Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: 206-596-7102