Twist Design

TWIST uses experience, curiosity, and innovation to create client focused, sustainable places and spaces.

In November of 2008 as the market plummeted 700 points in one of the worst economic times in US history, TWIST opened its doors. With the depth of the economic situation unpredictable, money tightening and loans nonexistent, TWIST knew that they would have to approach architecture and project delivery in a new way.

In an already competitive profession, we asked, “What do we do better than other design firms?” “How do we add value to our client’s success?”

The solution: Building TEAM’s with and for clients, utilizing working relationships tailored to and focused on the client’s vision, goals and needs. This allows TWIST to maintain an experienced and architecturally diverse core group that remains responsive.

Established: 2008


Twist Design

4444 Woodland Park Avenue N, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-402-4484